Police K9 Grants

Police K9 Grants give a chance to law enforcement agencies to empower themselves with well-trained police dogs. Those grants can be great solutions for law enforcement agencies in need of fund sources for the purchase of police dogs. Well-trained dogs are so expensive, and, not many people know about this. Some of them can cost the law enforcement agency thousands of dollars. Specific practices and preparations that could take time and energy are the only reasons why these dogs are so expensive.

Police K9 equipment grants offered by K9s4COPs are the perfect example of financial solutions awarded to the eligible law enforcement agency that wants to add a K9 unit to its arsenal. The grant awarded can be used to purchase the dog needed, and this eventually can make the job of law enforcement in solving cases easier.

Man’s best friend, that is what many people say about dogs. This could be true because dogs have been living with humans for a long time. For years, it has been believed that a dog is a very intelligent creature so that we can use it in various activities. Its intelligence is also famous among law enforcers. Mostly they use dogs to identify explosives, drugs, or other illegal substances. On many occasions, dogs also lend their talent, skills, and gifted noses in rescue tasks to humans. They help the Search and Rescue personnel to search for victims of a disaster. They would use their gifted nose to sniff around the location where victims are believed likely to be there waiting for help.  In addition to their intelligence, dogs have been very popular for their aggressiveness and courage. Those attributes can be very useful for law enforcers to detain suspects. The police K9s would bark and bite, if commanded and necessary, at suspects trying to escape.


Grants for Police K9 Units

Police K9 Grants Application

In order to be eligible for the Police K9 grants the law enforcement agency needs to fulfill all the requirements asked. Other than that, the applicant must also follow all the application process and complete all the application forms requested. Submit all the completed application forms via email.

There are few types of application forms for Police K9 grants offered by K9s4COPs. Each of them is designated for different form of entity. Thus, we need to review all documents carefully to see which one of them suits our organization. Once we have completed the application form, we need to complete the application of support. After we finished with the paperwork, the next stage we are going to face is interview. One of the K9s4COPs board members will contact us for interview.


police k9 grants and grants for police dogs

When the paperwork and interview are finished, now is time for us to wait for the result. We have to be patient for this since announcements are only made once at the first of each quarter. If your application is accepted, then the next thing you need to do is signing the terms and conditions letter. K9s4COPs also asks the recipient to send annual report of K9 unit acquired from this Police K9 grants program.


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