One Tooth Denture Costs, Replacement, And Solutions

Do you have a missing tooth and need some solutions? Well, you may experience some common problems when you are missing a tooth. For example, you may have difficulties speaking or eating. Also, you may need one tooth denture if you think that it impacts your appearance.

So, what is a denture? Denture means the artificial replacement for a missing natural tooth. There are two options available, which are partial or full. The replacement of one tooth denture depends on the needs and the location. Additionally, you have the option to choose an implant-supported denture or removable denture. Here are all things you should know about tooth dentures.


The Importance of Wearing Dentures

When you are losing your natural teeth, of course, some side effects can bring harm to you. It is more than just aesthetic problems. Well, it also can decrease the support of mouth structure. You find some good things by wearing dentures as below:

  • Makes your speech better
  • Prevent your cheeks so they are not sagging inwards
  • Makes your ability to bite and chew food better
  • Protects the remaining teeth and prevents damage

Implant-Supported Dentures Vs. Removable Dentures

If we talk about tooth dentures, it is all about two different techniques to choose from. You may choose implant-supported dentures or removable dentures. Of course, there are some differences to know.

First, let us talk about implant-supported dentures. We can say this tooth replacement is the state of art. It is because the denture offers the gold standard for replacement. Besides, if we compare it to removable dentures, of course, this option is more expensive. Additionally, it can improve bone quality and quantity.

This is what you need for a dental replacement that offers a strong, stable, no slippage, no adhesives, and no denture creams. Additionally, it is the answer for those who want to have the firm support of lips and cheeks after getting new dentures. Best of all, it feels and works just like your natural teeth.

Alternatively, there is a removable denture technique and it is old technology. Of course, it is cheaper than the implant-supported dentures. There are some bad things about this method. For example, it can decrease your bone quality and quantity. Also, it does not feel or functions like natural teeth because they can be unreliable and unstable. You may need creams and adhesives. By the time, it performs lower support for facial structures.

Things To Expects to New Dentures

Everything about tooth dentures, including one tooth partial denture, means that you will wear a new false tooth. It means that you may have trouble at first. These difficulties are something common but they will pass, as soon your gum is ready to heal and adapt.

Here are some common troubles you may experience with the new dentures:

Sore Spots

Well, you will have an appointment with your dentist around 48 hours after the first denture fitting. During that time, you may experience some sore spots since there is contact with the dentures. Additionally, the soreness will start settling on the mouth, especially the soft tissues. Your dentist will diagnose these sore spots.


Since you will have a new set of dentures, your mouth needs to get used to it. Of course, there will be a minor discomfort to feel. How long it will last depends on some reasons. For example, if your dentist removed the natural tooth to create space for the new one tooth denture plate, the site of replacement will also feel extra sensitive for a few hours ahead.

American Dental Association (ADA) explains that after getting dentures, you might experience temporary soreness. Therefore, you need to visit your dentist. In this case, your dentist will readjust so that it can decrease the discomfort. Additionally, you can take out the dentures per four hours. In this condition, your gums and jaw need time to adapt.

Increased Saliva

After having a denture, it is possible if you cannot speak properly. Some certain words perhaps are difficult to say or pronounce. For example, you may have problems to pronounce “s” and “f” sounds. But, don’t worry because this is a temporary problem. Well, you only need some practice to overcome it.

Keep in mind that your new denture may make a clicking sound while you are speaking. It means that the frame is not in the right place. Therefore, you should contact your dentist to do further adjustments. If you have this matter, it is better to speak slowly. Do this when you think that it is impossible to meet your dentist immediately.

Also, you may feel like the new tooth is slipping away when you are coughing, laughing, or talking. This is something common and it is not something to worry about. What you should do is to bite down gently and then swallowing. Doing this will make you restore the new denture to the right position.

Eating Problems

You can eat with the new dentures in your mouth, but not as easy as usual. Well, what we mean here is you should adjust to the denture. You need to deal with certain modifications to your eating habits. For example, it may be a little bit difficult to chew or to bite food. Therefore, it is all about to eat foods carefully.

To start, eat soft foods that require less chewing. We recommend you avoid eating some foods like red meats, or nuts and other crunchy food that will add stress to the new dentures and the gums. Otherwise, it can increase the risk of irritation and inflammation.

American Dental Association also explains missing teeth does not mean that you will sacrifice your general health. It is all about the way you struggle so you can get used to the new denture. It is wrong to say that you must stop eating any nutritious foods because the textures are hard to eat. Therefore, it is about how to take them slow and eat them carefully. You can start by trying a soft diet. After that, slowly move to harder foods.

One Tooth Denture Cost

Well, if we talk about how much one tooth denture cost, the answer is you cannot predict it. According to the Northern Rivers Denture Clinic, if you do partial dentures, the starting price may at $600. On the other hand, Face Value Dental explains that the price may start at $699. Therefore, it is good to ask some dentists for the price quote. By doing this, you have some potential ways to save your money.

Also, the cost may depend on the types of single-tooth and partial dentures as below:

  • Acrylic – this kind of partial denture means that you will need an acrylic base to bond the teeth. Here, your dentists will use a metal clasp to hold the dentures in the right place.
  • Chrome or metal – It is not plastic so it is made of cast metal. This is a good solution for those who need a more permanent option for this thing.
  • Flexible – It is made of materials like nylon. Its flexibility means that you don’t even need any clasps.
  • Clear clasp – If you want to hide metal and you want to make your denture invisible, this is what you need. The clear clasp is from thermoplastic material. Therefore, it can be the right option.

Is It Possible To Get One Tooth Denture Free?

After understanding more about tooth dentures, including one front tooth denture, it is good to know about the coverage. Is it possible for you to get the public health system to cover the cost?

Well, it depends on the regulation made by your territory or your state. Make sure that you meet the qualification on the public health policy in your state, especially for dental treatment. For example, if you live in Queensland, you may get new dentures if you have a referral given by a dentist. Or, you may get this coverage after completing a clinical test.

If you live in New South Wales, the policy of dental coverage for single-tooth dentures is different. The Department of Health explains that you must contact the call center of the Local Health District. After that, they will ask you some questions about your current situation, especially for the dental problems you have. Once you answered the question, they will give you the solution. For example, they may give you an appointment based on the needs of your issue.

What about Medicare, does it possible to get this treatment by Medicare? Aesthetic Dentures explains that Medicare is what you need to cover dental treatments for medical reasons. If you got a car accident and you need a tooth to remove as part of the surgical procedure, they may cover the cost.

However, Medicare commonly does not cover the price for other reasons. If you need dental filling with a denture, this is a cosmetic treatment, not a medical treatment. Therefore, they will not cover the cost of this procedure.

Those are all things you should know about single tooth denture or one tooth denture. We hope that this article can help!