How To Get Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans

Housing Grants for Disabled Veterans – Veterans have proved their service to the country, therefore, the country tries to repay them through various benefits including the housing grants disabled veterans. US war veterans may have a lot of difficulties after they come back home as they have to adapt to life different from the war. Moreover, when the veteran has to return as a disabled person, the difficulty may double, in social and financial aspect such as for housing. The disabled veterans, the heroes for our country, may struggle to live after the war. Therefore to ease their difficulty, the State provides various grants through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), including the housing grants.

Despite many grants are available, many veterans have difficulties accessing it due to lack of information. Therefore here we will provide you information about housing grants disabled for veterans and tips on how to get it. Firstly we will discuss the types of grant available, such as:


  1. Special Housing Adaptation Grant: This grant is awarded by the Veterans Affairs (VA) to US veterans with medium level service-related injuries. The grants are intended to be used remodel the veteran home or to purchase a newly adopted home. The requirement to qualify for the grant are:
  • The lost of both hand
  • Permanent disability caused by a severe burn
  • The blindness of both hand

A qualified applicant may receive up to $12,756.

  1. Specially Adapted Housing Grant: This grant is awarded to veterans with a severe service-related injury to construct, make adaptations to previous home or to buy new home with special adaptations. To qualify for the grant the veteran must have these injuries: Loss of both legs and both arms, severe burn disability, or blindness. The grant awarded up to $63,780.
  2. The HUD VASH: This grant awarded by the cooperation of the VA and The Department of Housing and Urban Development to help veterans with no housing whatsoever obtaining permanent housing. Veterans that qualify for this grant are veterans with mental illness, history of substance abuse, life in shelters or with physical disabilities.

The second part of this article will discuss steps and tips to apply for the housing grants disabled veterans. Here are the instructions:

  1. Visit the website or the office of the Department of Veterans Affairs to check if you qualify for the specially adapted housing grant. This grant will help you modify your home to be disabled-friendly home.
  2. Once you get to the VA office you can also ask for a grant to purchase a vehicle specially adapted to your disability.
  3. For disabled veterans who use orthopedic appliances or prosthetic limbs, you can also ask for annual clothing allowance to the VA.
  4. Visit your state office whether they provide additional benefits for disabled or retired veterans. Some states offer many grant programs from education funding to housing assistance.

In case of emergency, for homeless veterans, or for more detailed information about housing grants disabled veterans you can call the National Call Center at 1-877-424-3838.

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