Grants for Post Baccalaureate Students

Grants for Post Baccalaureate Students – Well, a grant, unlike a loan which has to be paid at a said or agreed time, a Grant doesn’t need to be paid. The government offered a grant of a maximum of $5,550 as at 2011-2012, but the amount later on increased as at 2014-2015 to $5,730. This amount will vary with different financial needs.

The government offers grants to low-income post-baccalaureate students with an aim of promoting post-secondary education to less financially empowered students. There are more than 5,000 participating institutions in which students may use their grants to fund their studies, the amount will depend on the student’s family contribution (EFC), the cost of attending the course as determined by the chosen institution, his enrollment status as well as length of study. Student’s can’t receive grants from more than one institution at a single time.

Grants for Post Baccalaureate Students

You can find this grant by just searching it on the Internet keyword should be GOVERNMENT EDUCATION GRANTS. To apply the student and the family need to fill the FREE APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID (FAFSA). The applicant should complete filling the FAFSA form prior to his/her starting the freshman year and as he/she progresses she/he needs to make sure she updates her /his details. Each year after the first application the students are also required to update his/her parents/guardians financial situation, his/her financial needs and the grades he/she has attained.

The form should be filled or updated on or after January 1st each year.

The application for the FAFSA can be completed and then submitted at If an applicant has made a mistake in filling a submitted form there are three steps to which the student must follow in order to correct this in the MAKE CORRECTION TO A PROCESSED FAFSA section. On completion of this application, other questions are asked in order to determine the student’s eligibility for the PELL Grant and other Government Grants. Once the application is completed then the student will be notified through an e-mail or by daily postal deliveries if the have successfully been awarded the grant.

To be eligible for this grants you require some basic things for example

  1. Must have attained a high school diploma
  2. United States citizen
  3. They must sign a statement stating they will only use the fund for education.
  4. The student must not have a withstanding federal student loan
  5. For continuing students, it requires them to have maintained a satisfying academic progress
  6. For male applicants or ages between 18 and 25 must have registered with the selective service

Students who have been convicted of a drug-related offense may not qualify for this grant, but it depends on the charge, when it happened and also if the student went to a rehabilitation center.

There are different types of scholarships in the United States, here are some of these grants

  1. Federal Pell Grant.
  2. Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grant – This grant is for those who can’t qualify for Federal Pell Grant, applicant aged 24yrs and above and student whose parents died in military service after September 11, 2001. The maximum awarded amount is $5,645.


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