Scholarships for Women

Scholarships for Women – With the increasingly more important position women have in the workplace, more women went to college as well as more scholarships for women available for them.  It’s not something you can think of 50 years ago when women didn’t really go to college. At that time most women weren’t working and some who did working went to Business College.

However now the age has changed and women now have the equal chance in the workplace as well as for education. For education purpose, there is also various kind of scholarship available for women. Here we will provide some information about scholarships for women that can be really useful to help you finance our education:


Information about Scholarships for Women

1. American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Selected Professional Fellowships

These scholarships are given for full-time, female students, who are pursuing degrees in fields where women are under-represented.

Examples of such fields would include engineering, math, some areas of computer science, and many areas of scientific study. Please visit for further information about this scholarship for women.

2. ADELPHI University Athletic Award

These scholarships are intended for women who have an avid interest in sports and plan to attend Adelphi University. The requirements to get this scholarship among other are:

  • have a GPA of 2.0,
  • be an undergraduate.

The amount of the Scholarship varies in from $2,000 to $10,000. You can find more information about this scholarship by contacting: Athletic Director, Adelphi University, Garden City, NY 11530, or call 516-877-3080.

3.  American History Scholarship for Women

To encourage excellent female freshmen to take an active interest in history and government this scholarship for women is given each year. The scholarship with the amount of $2,000 is managed and given by the Daughters of the American Revolution for two recipients each year. Further information about this scholarship for women can be found at

4.  American Association of University Women (AAUW) – Selected Professions Fellowships for African American Women

If you happen to be an African American female currently studying on business, law, or medicine, as well as some specific other areas of health care this fellowship offered by American Association of University Women (AAUW) might interest you.  For further information about it, you can visit

5. American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) Scholarships – Undergraduate

These undergraduate Scholarships for women are given to female student majoring in accounting. The applicant have to be currently enrolled in an accredited program, and have completed at least 60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours to be eligible to apply for these Scholarships for women. It should be noted that membership for ASWA is not required to apply for these scholarships.

If you are eligible and interested to apply for the scholarship, you can send your scholarships application through your local chapter of ASWA. For further information about the scholarships, you can visit

6. American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) Scholarships – 2-year programs

For women currently in pursuit of an Associate degree in Accounting at a Community College, American Society of Women Accountants (ASWA) offering these Scholarships of two years program. Further information about these scholarships for women can be obtained online at

7. Amaranth Fund Awards Scholarships for Women

These awards are intended for current female student or still planning to enter college in the state of California. Another requirement for you to be eligible for these scholarships is that the applicant must below 21 of age for these scholarships intended to help young college freshmen finance their further education.

The selection of these Scholarships for Women involved documentation of financial need, academic achievement, community service record, and letters of recommendation. If you are eligible and interested in these scholarships please send your application to California Mason Society, 1111 California Street, San Francisco, CA 94109. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope.