Things to Know about the Free Government Laptops Application Form

Looking for free government laptops application forms? Here we have mentioned everything that you need to know about it!

With an uptick in demand for laptop use, working with portability and longer battery life has never been more convenient and easier. From students to the working class, the need for a laptop has become a prerequisite. The only problem is that there are many people who are unable to afford a laptop.

However, there are several impressive ways by which you can get government support for a free laptop. The free government laptops application forms are available on the internet, and you can easily apply for them. Even if these ways are not going to get you a laptop right away, they will help you move in the right direction.


There are a few major categories through which the government offers various benefits to its people

  • Grants – Education, Research and Health
  • Employment and Career Development – Unemployment assistance, research opportunities, opportunities for veterans.
  • Disaster Relief – Loans
  • Education and Training – Scholarships, Educational loans.
  • Financial Assistance – Insurance, Housing Assistance, Tax Assistance
  • Family and Child Services – Services for the survivor, children, and support
  • American Indians and Alaska Natives – Youth Loans

You can check if you qualify for any benefit to get a free laptop from the government. Even if you can’t get a laptop directly from these categories, the government funds many non-profit organizations and charities that can help you. These organizations usually provide refurbished laptops to individuals who are in need.

Organizations that offer free government laptops

PC’s for People –

This non-profit organization manages to give Microsoft registered repaired desktop computers or laptops to the underprivileged, with low-cost internet.

The requirements for obtaining assistance from this organization are:

  • You need to be below the 200% poverty level
  • Enrollment in any government-assisted income-based program
  • Proof of eligibility document dated within the last six months. An exception is the tax return document.
  • Photo ID

They provide laptops with a power cord that has a one-year hardware warranty.

Computers with Causes –

Computers with Causes is one of the most famous non-profit organizations that strives to make a difference in the education system.

They accept computer donations to support schools, universities, students, teachers, parents, performing arts, libraries, the media, sponsorship programs, scholarships, etc.

To get a laptop from this organization, you need to perform a monitored assessment and perform a background reference check. You can then submit an application that will be considered valid for thirty days. The organization will get in touch with you within those days if they find your application to be valid enough.

The On It Foundation –

Realizing the necessity of technology, this organization stands for the opportunities of technical assistance for your child’s development. They provide free computers to all students in the United States. However, it is necessary that the student must satisfy a few conditions, which are –

  • Must live in the U.S.
  • Should attend a public school.
  • Must be in grade K-12.
  • Must get a free or reduced school lunch.

Their free government laptops application form implies that the child’s parent or guardian needs to write a “Request Letter” to the organization. It should include their signature, along with –

  • Student’s name, age, grade and school name.
  • School’s address, and phone number.
  • Name of the parent or guardian, their address and phone number.

The best part is that even if you do not qualify for a free computer, they will give you great discounts with their Jump On It! Program.

The Goodwill Organization –

With the aim of changing lives and securing employment opportunities, this organization works hard to support the unprivileged people who succumb to lack of opportunity. To do so, they accept various donations from different sources.

There are possibilities that they may you really in need, and they give you a coupon that can help you receive a laptop from this organization. This coupon can help you get a laptop for free or get one with huge discounts.

Everyone On –

Promoting digital learning, this organization recognizes the significance of a computer in the life of an individual. Popular for giving low-cost Internet services for both individuals and families, they offer affordable or no-cost computers to those who are in need.

Even if they can’t immediately grant you a laptop, they have a wide range of networks and contacts through which they may assist you in obtaining a laptop.

Salvation Army –

If any organization understands how to adequately cater to people’s needs, then surely it is the Salvation Army. They invest in their communities and accept large-scale donations that can help to make a difference in the lives of people of the United States. They also help people with vouchers to obtain the necessary products at a minimal cost.

The United Way 211 –

This program also focuses on helping people in need to find resources. Two of the key areas that they center around are education and financial aid. They follow the concept of charitable donations, where they take any donation to help those who need it. This organization can at least guide you towards the right path for getting a computer.

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The Conclusion –

These are the free government laptop programs that can help you receive a laptop and often a low-cost internet connection. It may seem like a daunting task at first; however, don’t be too discouraged. Even if your total fee is not waived, your path will surely smooth out with the given shapes.