How To Write A Formal Letter Asking For Donations?

When it comes to asking your donors for donations, letters play a vital role. However, sending a formal letter asking for donations isn’t easy as it seems. It has to be in a definite format to appeal to your genuine cause. Asking people to make donations includes everything- from acknowledging their valuable support to revealing the reason for the donation.

A donation letter will help you engage your donor and impact your mission, as they may share them! There should be a thought behind each of the donation letters. So, if you want to increase your fundraising profit revenue, enlist the tips we discuss to write a formal letter asking for donations.


The basics of a donation letter

Learn how a non-profit can successfully leverage the best donation letters. So, first, we discuss,

  • What is the purpose you should have for a donation letter?

Yes, it is essential to think about the purpose first. The donation letters should be thought of as a fundraising tool. It will help you reach the right donors to entice you about your cause to help society. Especially if you need the best tool for mass giving day, donation letters will work a charm.

  • Secondly, decide how often you should be writing a donation letter?

Many fundraising people tend to write four direct donation letters every year with a genuine cause. So, the best idea is to send out a survey asking for a donation and check who opts in. Like this, you can check on the numbers who are willing to join your good cause and personalize the content of your letter better.

  • Next, check to whom you are sending the donation letters

There should be a proper recipient list for your donation letters. The bets picked would be your previous donors. You should be able to out the content so that donors get attracted to your cause.

Tips for writing the perfect donation letters

  • Start with a refreshing greeting

Indeed, to have your donation letter stand a better place in the list of other emails, it is essential to have a refreshing greeting. The greeting should include the recipient’s name. Otherwise, it won’t grab the attention of your donors.

It also helps you create a direct email appeal. The result is that if you include the recipients’ names in your salutation, you increase the chances of opening it by 26%! Isn’t that great?

  • Explain your mission

It can sometimes be possible that the recipient has not heard of your organization. In such situations, it becomes your responsibility to explain to the recipient your organization’s mission. In this manner, all the readers would be getting a good understanding of what you are doing and also help you, as you do genuine work for the society!

  • Describe the current campaign/project/fundraiser

There should be a specific reason to send out the donation letters. That means you should explain the current campaigns or the vents in line to know what your organization is up to!

Indeed, a short story at the beginning of the donation letter would be a great appeal for your donors.

  • Make sure to include an amount in your donation letters 

Donation money should be transparent. That means even the donors should know where their money is going. For instance, if you do not explain the money break-up which goes for the betterment of your cause, it may look fake for most donors.

In such scenarios, donors won’t come the next time, as there is little information about the money you spend for betterment!

How to end a donation letter?

  • Always have a clear CTA (Call to Action) so that your readers know how to give and follow up with you.

There should be an inspiration while writing a donation letter. And that inspiration that you can write will be tracked with the number of donors who click your CTA. So it would help to tell them exactly what has to be done next and where they can actually donate. Indeed, keeping the donation CTA safe and easy to use for the donors is a great idea!

  • End the letter by signing your name and giving your contact information so that the donors can reach out to you

There is a direct impact of providing the contact information to the donors. Why? It is because it creates a sense of authenticity for the donors and they feel trusted. Also, giving your name to the end of a donation letter will ensure your letter feels credible.


Get the best tips to write a donation letter today. Remember that writing a donation letter and spreading a word of kindness with inspiring stories is a great way t build your cause in society.

Start writing today!