Grants for Low-Income Families with Disabilities

There are many grants for low-income families with disabilities available in the United States. We utterly understand that things can be pretty harsh and difficult for disabled people, especially those who have low income; therefore we’re compiling this information to help.

There are many types of grants available for various purposes, so the first question would be: what are you planning to use the grant for? Is it for education, health, housing, or food? There’s no one-and-for-all-all grant program. Each is designed to cover a specific need.


Grants for Low-Income Families with Disabilities

Therefore, we’ve decided to provide information about available grant programs from the government that can be used to cover your various needs.

In the health category, we have Medicare and Medicaid. I am sure most of you are already familiar with the program. However, there’s a government program that can help you to cover the Medicare prescription drug plan cost from To be eligible for the extra help you have to have Medicare, low income, and live in one of the 50 states.  To apply, please visit our reference section.

If you’re looking for a grant for housing, provide good information about programs that can help you to pay rent, home repairs, or avoid foreclosure. Some of the programs that can help you to pay rent listed on the site are the Housing Choice Vouchers, HUD Public Housing Program, State Housing Finance Agencies, etc. Meanwhile, if you seek help to cover the cost of home repairs, there are programs like Rebuilding Together, Independent Living Center, Easy Access Housing for Easier Living, etc. The HUD’s Avoiding Foreclosure and Making Home Affordable Program can help you to avoid foreclosure. Visit our reference section to see the complete list.

When you need help to pay for your heating bills, you can try the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The program is available from the office of community services of the Department of Health and Human Services. This is especially crucial during colder days and winter. Disabled people and low-income families are generally eligible for the program. Visit their site in our reference section to see the complete requirements.

If you are worried about food, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)’s Office of Food and Nutrition Service provides a program called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The program is usually called Food Stamps, etc. Contact your local Department of Human Services or equivalent that administers the program to apply.

A student with disabilities has an advantage when it comes to grants and scholarships. In fact, these people are encouraged to pursue a degree to improve their ability and bargaining point in life. Usually, the starting point would be the Federal Pell Grant. As long as they have the commitment, we’re sure that people with disabilities, especially those from low-income families are automatically eligible for the grant. Note that the Pell grant is often used as the requirement for many other grant opportunities in education.

I hope this post helps you find grants for low-income families with disabilities!

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