Things You Should Know about Free Tubal Reversal Grants!

Our federal and state government offers various free tubal reversal grants, for unprivileged citizens, This is one of the most unexplored sources of funding. Although it is a fact that you have to invest a reasonable amount of time in the initial preliminary work involved in finding the programs that you may qualify for, the burden of reimbursement can be regarded as non-existent.

According to various reports, there are a number of subsidies and assistance programs available to low-income households, military personnel, students, as well as the broader taxing population. These grants are incredibly beneficial to offset the cost of a tubal reversal procedure. 


Here we have jotted down all the essential information about free tubal reversal grants!

Health Care Tax Cancellations –

The federal government permits you to knock off the balance of medical expenses that surpass 7.5% of your adjusted gross income. This usually nullifies the need to apply for the tubal reversal grants and rather leaves the job to your tax professional! 

If the cost of your surgery, health insurance premiums/other medical expenses, and contingencies, such as travel expenses, hotel stay, etc., cross this threshold, you will be qualified for a federal tax refund. Tubal reversal falls under the category of “fertility enhancement” in the IRS guidelines that includes procedures aimed at restoring reproductive function.

Healthcare Benefits for Women –

Women who come under Veterans Affairs can apply for specialized care (both preventive and corrective) at VA-designated centers. Some of the included problems are post-menstrual hormone imbalance and breast cancer screening tests. One thing you need to remember is that this program only covers infertility treatment outside the scope of IVF and those with IVF treatment for infertility-related disorders arising from duty. 

Women who show symptoms of tubal ligation syndrome (PTLS) get grants under the mental illness part of the program. In case, your nearby VA facilities do not provide tubal reversal; you can seek treatment at a nonparticipating service under the non-VA medical program. 

Federal Application for Federal Student Aid – 

FAFSA provides an indirect free tubal reversal grant. Current as well as future college students completing the FAFSA may get federal Pell Grants up to $5,645/year. They are also eligible for state-sponsored scholarships (i.e. CalGrant), and federal loans contingent on need. For this assistance, students must be registered in a vocational school or two/four-year college. 

Students will get back the balance of these grants after they pay their tuition fees. They can use it to free up the cash required for the procedure. 

The good thing is that you do not need to be a full-time student to qualify. Although the amount given is a function of the course in which you are enrolled.

Veterans Loans/Surrenders Against Life Insurance Policy –

Veterans covered by a series of government-issued life insurance policies contribute up to 94% of the policy’s cash value or deliver its full cash value. Borrowers need to pay back at a variable rate between 5-12%. If you have bad or non-existent credit, this is an ideal choice you can opt for the finances of your surgery.

Available Free Tubal Reversal Grants –

Financial support helps people who are seeking some assistance for their tubal ligation reversal surgery. The most popular groups are –

  • Fit to Be Untied,
  • Vision of Faith,
  • The Lord’s Heritage and
  • Blessed Arrows

If you are looking for funding your reversal, you can simply sign up for any of these funding groups. All you have to do is apply through their application form.

Contact Information for the Grant Funding –

To get in touch with “Fit To Be Untied”, you can search for it online at or can mail them at Fit To Be Untied, Co. 7 Chapman Court North Haven, CT 06473. 

The Lord’s Heritage Ministry assistance can be availed online at, where you need to mention all the necessary details.

If you want to sign up for the “Blessed Arrows” funding, check out website and find all the necessary information.

Apart from this, you will find all the details about “Vision of Faith” funding at

Tubal Reversal Application Details –

An application for reversal funding may ask some basic questions. This includes your name, residential address, date of birth, and phone number. Additional information that you might be asked are the reasons for your tubal reversal, whether or not you have selected a doctor for your tubal reversal treatment, and the amount of grant money you will need for the surgery.

Funding Source Of Free Tubal Reversal Grants –

The funding groups mentioned above ask their members on their waiting list to provide a $20 to $25 a month payment. This is for keeping them on the waiting list. People can consider this as an investment because the monthly fee adds up to the funding of a tubal reversal grant for people on the waiting list. 

Also, a check or money order is the ideal medium to give donations to common people, businesses, and other groups.  You can also use PayPal to make your monthly contribution.

The conclusion –

As shown above, there are a number of grants available for free tubal reversal. However, it is vital that you go through each and every guideline before applying for assistance. These factors determine which federal and/or state tubal grants are you eligible for.

The website helps national citizens by offering offer a questionnaire that can filter program offers based on your eligibility. 

Also, keep in mind that several non-profits also offer financial assistance to those seeking reproductive help. Although, they may expect some regular contributions from the members.

But, for Muslim people, insurance, credit card or loan, and other financing options, there always has an interest rate, and it does not match with the Shariah system, so, be careful!

PS: For Muslims who want to do tubal reversal, please follow the instructions below: