Here Is How El-Hibri Foundation Is Great For Grant Seekers

The El-Hibri Foundation ideally helps to envision society. It focuses on American Dream in an inclusive and diverse world. The team believes that a thriving community forms the basis of a much-needed inclusive society.

El-Hibri Foundation has different grants and programs. So, yes, you can also get involved in contributing to your level. Each of the donations and help counts. So, to understand it better, this blog highlights information about grants and programs for society.


How El-Hibri Foundation’s grantmaking is helpful for the people?

The grantmaking in the organization supports the vision of actively investing in nonprofit organizations. Moreover, it is done for diverse sections that advance the inclusion of American Muslim communities. Indeed, these organizations face various challenges, and the El-Hibri Foundation makes valuable efforts to support them.

What is the aim with which the El-Hibri Foundation works?

The foundation believes that if nonprofits have the right resources, they can advance inclusion in America. So, they should have the suitable capacity and collaborative relationships necessary for community building.

Here is where the El-Hibri Foundation supports building a more inclusive America

  • First, to advance the inclusion.

It typically works for implementing programs and initiatives. The programs aim to advance the inclusion of American Muslim communities. Plus, the foundations promote and support inclusive societal norms.

  • Secondly, it helps to build capacity.

Yes, it equips organizations and leaders with the skills, training, and appropriate help. The aim is to maximize and reach high performance and enhance organizational impact.

  • Third, the organization of the communities.

Catalyzing collective action and collaborations strengthens civil society. So, the El-Hibri Foundation also works for inclusive partnerships.

Thus, if your organization works for any of the above categories, you are eligible to receive grant funding from El-Hibri Foundation. Yes, you need to check the eligibility criteria. Here it is-

Eligibility Criteria and Guidelines for Grant Seekers

So, to make it simple, we first focus on the organizational requirements.

  • The applicant must be publicly funded as 01(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. In addition, it should have registration from the United States.
  • EHF support activities will score better. As a result, it should have a national impact. Plus, some of the activities are exceptional which have high potential to scale up.
  • Lastly, the El-Hibri Foundation’s funding is limited for applications from the United States.

Next comes the eligibility criteria for you to follow.

  • The EHF grants may support one or all of the following points
  • Corporate training, leadership development, and capacity building! It is required to build high-performing nonprofits.
  • Projects and programs that seek advanced inclusions. Or the nonprofit tries to build sector capacity or organize communities.

Note that: EHF does not support in any terms the following points-

  • Maintenance and building repair as capital expenditures
  • Legislative lobbying and political campaigns
  • Re-granting of funds to other organization

Apart from the above rules and guidelines, it will help if applicants submit proposals within 12-, month period. It is essential to note that an organization can submit only one application per EHF grant cycle.

So, what are you waiting for? Start now!

You can participate with El-Hibri Foundation. There are several activities for your involvement with the nonprofit organization.

Learn, act, ask, intern, or nominate and apply!

The first thing is you can discover more about the El-Hibri Foundation’s programs. Then, it’s easy to send emails or connect with the foundation on social media to sign up for the newsletter.

Second, speak up in the community! Plus, you can bring awareness about the urgency and values of respect and peace for diversity.

The next thing is to nominate and apply. If you are in touch with influential leaders, it’s a plus point. If the leaders have demonstrated positive work in advancing inclusion, nominate them for the foundation’s peace award. The El-Hibri Foundation also provides scholarships for graduate and undergraduate students.

So, if you want to work as an intern, participate in El-Hibri Foundation’s internship programs for a better idea!

Support the El-Hibri Foundation

It is a philanthropic organization that works to equip Muslim leaders. Plus, it helps them build thriving, inclusive communities. The donation from you will maximize the impact of the foundation’s work to effectively inclusion in America.

Moreover, with the help of nonprofit training programs in America, the team builds long-term resilience to their work. For example, the innovative training programs by the El-Hibri Foundation help manage the non –profit originations for better inclusion in America.

Lastly, the grants and the peace awards encourage all Muslim leaders to be a part of the foundation. It highly motivates other Muslim leaders to work positively for social change.


The El-Hibri Foundation helps nonprofit organizations to get grants. It massively helps them to build capacity and organize communities to advance inclusions. Plus, the foundation also offers three annual awards, the Community Builder Award, the El-Hibri Peace Education Prize, and the Fearless Ally Award.

Or, if you are looking for scholarships, the foundation can help. They have three annual scholarships for you. Contact El-Hibri Foundation now!