Grants for High School Students to Travel Abroad

Getting grants for high school students to travel abroad is probably the ultimate dream for students who love to visit new places and get new experiences. I think everybody know that traveling abroad will require a considerable amount of money, therefore, scholarships and grants are preferable options for some.

Before you continue reading, we would like to remind you that finding travel grants and scholarships for high school students can be a challenging process because there are only few organizations that support this matter. There are indeed a lot of reputable corporations that focus on improving the high school education, but most are limited to programs in United States. Below are some of the few sources of high school abroad travel grant we can find:


Sources  of Grants for High School Students to Travel Abroad

Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) –

The CIEE is a wonderful place to start your search. As the name suggests, the council takes care of student exchange and study abroad programs; while most are available for undergraduate and graduate students, there are still some room for high school students. The council offers summer and year-long programs, and you don’t have to worry about the excursions and home stays! It is important to note that there’s a fee for the program, but there are numerous scholarships and grants for high merit students and low-income students. Visit their office and fill out the application as soon as possible!

Rotary International –

Rotary International is one of the oldest organizations in United States that takes care of student exchange programs. Although it is true that the Rotary International currently reducing the amount of grant money allocated for the program, you can still get considerably large money. We know that the grant award amount for the program somewhere between $27,000. This money should be used to cover your expenses, including travel expenses, lodging expenses, and other cost related to your study abroad.

Student Youth Travel Association Foundation (SYTA) –

The SYTA is a foundation that provides two kinds of grants that can be used for traveling. First, there’s the Road Scholarships, which is designed to help high school students who are from low-income families. There’s also the National Youth Day Out program which is basically a program that cover the cost of one day trip for the entire class of students.

Farther Foundation –

Last but not least, there’s the Farther Foundation, which is a Chicago-based foundation that specifically focuses on helping the cost for educational travel for high school and college students. The grant award is up to $4,000, which can be used for summer or extracurricular programs.  It is important to note that this grant is only available for Chicago students from low-income family.

So you see, there are still several possible places you can try submitting your grant application to. Some comes with strings attached, but some other simply wants to help you. What’s important is you should submit your application before the deadline and fulfill every administrative requirement. We hope that you can get the grants for high school students to travel abroad!


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