H And R Block Budget Challenge Game To Get Grants And Scholarships For Winners

H And R Block Budget Challenge is one of the online games that support teens to increase their financial. They can play this simulating real life and think that they are adult to pay bills, save money, and manage expenses. The game is interesting because the player also must invest in the retirement, pay taxes, and others. For the participants, they can play it in a classroom to compete with other classrooms. Eventually, students who win the game can get the college scholarships.

If you wonder about the cost of H And R Block Budget Challenge, actually the cost is free. The game is for all teachers and students. In fact, the developer of the game, H&R Block has spent up to $13 million dollars as their investment in Budget Challenge since the inception.


Who Can Play The H And R Block Budget Challenge?

H And R Block Budget Challenge is great to play and welcomes players at age 14 or older. The students who play the game should be the full-time students in grades 12 to 12. For the teachers, they must register the classrooms to play the game. After that, the students are able to play the game for one simulation each semester. It means that students only can play one simulation in each of fall and spring. They are eligible to get the scholarship on the first attempt. Telling about the homeschool students, they only can play one simulation in each school year. This online game program is only available for 100,000 students in 2018 and 2019 of the school year.

If you have a question about whether your school is eligible or not for the game program, the fact is that it is open to the public. For accredited public as well as private high schools and home study programs, this game is open.

H And R Block Budget Challenge Register And Login

If you want to register to play the game program, it is simple. Teachers must visit at hrbds.org to start the registration process based on the classroom. Nevertheless, it is important to note that the classroom registration will close one week before the simulation date is ready to start. Therefore, your teachers must register the classroom by signing up before they close the registration.

In case that your classroom did not register to the H and R Block Budget Challenge program, it means you cannot play the game. It is because the game is only for students who play in a classroom. In addition, the teachers are the ones that can register the students. Therefore, students and parents must provide the information to teachers to enroll your class to get the opportunity as the winner. Once you can be the winner, you can get the college scholarship to change your future.

If you have played the game program last year, you may wonder whether you have to register it again or not. The answer is no. For the teachers who participated in the last year, they can still use the existing account to participate again this year. What they have to do is to log in their account to hrblock.budgetchallenge.com meanwhile, for the new teachers, they can register at hrblockdollarsandsense.com and for the students, they can register at hrblock.budgetchallenge.com

Here is the contact detail:

  • Allison Ducote
  • One H&R Block Way
  • Kansas City, MO 64105

H And R Block Budget Challenge How To Play

It is interesting to know that you can play H And R Block Budget Challenge and think that the game is just like a road test. It will test your personal finance management. Students will play as a recent college graduate. They have been working for six months. They have to manage their finances since each of them will get a regular paycheck, a checking account, and a 401K saving accounts. In addition, they have the bills to pay during the simulation. They have to solve the challenge that is maximizing their 401K savings. Besides, they must be able to pay the bills at the right time. They also have to respond the quiz questions correctly while avoiding penalties and fees. If they can do that, they can increase their score.

H And R Block Budget Challenge How To Win

H And R Block Budget Challenge, can you become the winner? The game has a nice mission that is to support students to be ready to face the real world. Additionally, the game is more than just a game to kill the time. The game supports the students to think that, they have a financial life and it is quite complex to solve in the future as an adult. Playing this game helps students to train their Behavior, Skill, and Knowledge. In addition, the game will also make them ready to solve the challenges and manage their personal finances in the future.

At the end of each semester, in which three simulations for fall and three simulations for spring in the three-semester period, the game will provide a $20,000 of scholarship for five students with the highest score and they must be in the real-world competitions. That amount of scholarship is a lot so they can use the money for tuition, books and even for the next four-year university.

If you wonder about the score and determine the winner, the H and R Block Budget Challenge game focuses on the following things:

  • Behavior: To give the score on this aspect, the game will calculate the login frequency, the late bill payments track, and the quiz participation.
  • Knowledge: The game will calculate the capability to answer the important questions related to financial.
  • Skill: The game will calculate the capability of each student to deal with savings, no late fees, and

Here, we can say that the game is able to determine the winner based on these skills. All participants of the game can check their real-world ready ranking by login to their account on the home page.

How To Win The H And R Block Budget Challenge

H And R Block Budget Challenge is more than just a game, it is a competition. They will update the class rank for each student. The game will start where each student will get the same starting score, 1,000. The competition is interesting because the game can deduct the points on dollar-for-dollar for any fees in this simulation. There are some fees to avoid are:

  • Late Fees
  • Per-check fees
  • Below minimum balance fees
  • Over-credit limit fees
  • Returned check fees
  • Finance charges
  • Negative-balances fees
  • Overdraft protection service fee
  • Balance transfer fees
  • Overdraft protection usage fee

Besides, the game will deduct 150 points more for each late or the missing payment from the score. It can happen if there are serious errors in the late payments so that you can get extra penalties in real life. It can be traffic fines, evictions, suspended services, credit score, and repossessions. Each class with the highest scoring student can be the winner. The interschool competition will start and end in the same date.

If you want to be the winner of H And R Block Budget Challenge competition, it means that you have to focus on saving more, avoid fees or penalties and growing knowledge by answering the questions properly.

2019 H And R Block Budget Challenge Awards

Now, you can get ready for the 2019 H And R Block Budget Challenge game that your class must participate. You can inform your teacher about this game and discuss it in class. The game is open in May, 22nd in the next year, 2019 with 193 awards available. Remember that, this is a teen financial literacy game program and it is free. You should start your chance to be the winner for $3 million in scholarships and grants. Telling about the awards, here are the things you may get:

  • Student incentive for the gameplay
  • Grand prize of a 100K scholarship
  • Students scholarships to get $20 K with 132 opportunities available
  • Classroom grants for more than $5K to get with 60 opportunities available

In conclusion, each simulation period will support 22 students who have the highest score to get a $20, 0000 of student scholarship per student. The game developer will update the individual rankings at night and display the score on the home page. Students can check the score by login to the game and homepage. It is important to note that a student is only able to win $20,000 scholarship over the course of the program period.

About The Block And The Benefits

The game is all about sharing the financial education program for teens as well as young adults. The fact that they provide $3 million for the college scholarships to all high school students who become the winner of this online budget game is a fantastic reward.

Block, they participate national and regional banks as the sponsor to some financial education programs. Eventually, they also work together with Credit-card Company Visa and PwC to support the youth financial education. They wanted to teach the young generations to have practical skills in a financial matter.

The interesting fact is that Block is not a credit company. It is not a bank, as well. It does not sell any mortgage. They just started to look around the financial education for teens. The H And R Block Budget Challenge CEO, William Cobb revealed that teens are still clueless about money.

He even added that the game simulation is about the smart marketing to help teens have more insight about money. Other interesting facts about the program are that Block built the simulation game that related to the real world. They designed it because it is the part of the class with the teacher involved. Besides, the program met the Jumpstart Coalition’s standard, especially about the personal finance instructions for the young generations. Eventually, they used the standard for financial literacy from the Council for Economic Education.

Reasons For Teachers To Register Their Students For H And R Block Budget Challenge

Well, we think it is amazing for students to learn by playing the game, and the reward is grants and scholarships. We found a nice story on the Internet when Holly Johnson, one of the teachers participated in this game had her students have won.

Holly Johnson has been educating for more than 22 years and she teaches Math and Accounting. She is a teacher at Wellington High School, Texas. She has 38 students joined in this game under her supervision and they were the winner of two grants with the total $7,500.

Well, Wellington, according to Holly, is a small town, yet most residents understood about the game. Their town loved the game simulation. When they joined the gameplay, the students acted as a college graduate and there were many unexpected events during the game simulation. They experienced automobile accident, credit card shopping for Black Friday, theft, Christmas bonus, and more. The game was realistic. The best part of the game provided the students to experience the effects of their life events.

She found her students learn something. They understood that bankruptcy made them still have the responsibility to pay the back student loans. In addition, they must learn the tax form to use. Here, they could deduct the student loan interest right from the income. Students even learned something more from the H And R Block Budget Challenge game. Her students really avoided the late fees and the credit card to use for the daily expenses. Playing the game made them love their money and they understood the consequences of deadlines and late fees. It also meant that they had less money. One of the benefits to play the game was the unexpected events that affect their bank balance badly. Even their parents could not pay the stolen laptop or the fender bender. Here, they solved it by using their money and dealt with the consequences.

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