Forensic Science Scholarships – Offered by AFTE

Forensic science scholarships give chance to those interested in pursuing a career in forensics to pursue a higher education level in the subject. Before we skip forward to example, the requirements needed, and application steps of forensic science scholarships, it would be better if we get to know about forensic science.

What is forensic science so that many people choose this study field for a stepping stone for their career? Forensic science is a branch of study that studies method of examination to collect information about anything occurred in the past scientifically. Forensic holds a very important role in crime investigation. It helps the law enforcer to solve criminal case by providing useful information related to the case. Almost anything that has something to do to the criminal case can be revealed through this method. People even created a game based to this branch of study to accommodate people’s imagination in solving criminal case.


Forensic Science Scholarship Programs

Those interested in forensic science can get chance to take part in the field by pursuing forensic degree first. Many forensic science scholarships offered to help forensic science students catching their dream to become forensic scientist. One of those is the one offered by The Association of Firearm and Tool Mark Examiners or also known as AFTE. Around $2000 per year to be awarded to the eligible and chosen students dreaming of working in forensic science field. AFTE’s scholarship can be renewed, but this is not automatically. We have to apply for the scholarship every year so we can get the money to cover all the expenses spent during the study.

Forensic Science Scholarships Application

There are few factors you should include in your application.

  1. AFTE’s scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. It does not matter how old you are, female or male, race, religion, or where you come from, as long as you can fulfill all the requirements, you can get the scholarship. (
  2. You must possess strong reason why you choose to pursue career  in forensic science field
  3. Those interested to be part of Firearm and Tool Mark Identification project are prioritized
  4. Recommendation from school, teacher, or employer
  5. Since it is a merit-based scholarship program, AFTE is ready to put extra efforts to award some eligible students from different geographical locations scholarships to pursue careers in forensic science study.

Forensic Science Scholarships and Grants

Follow the instruction below to apply forensic science scholarships offered by AFTE

  1. Complete the application in English, and received no later than April 1st. Download he application, transcript form, and recommendation forms from the AFTE’s official website
  2. Send the application to the organization email at Complete all forms, signed them electronically, and check the verification box before sending the application
  3. Include the transcript form that is completed by school’s official, put it into stamped envelope, and send it to the chair. For those who use recommendations, you should include the letter of recommendation in your application

Forensic science scholarships offered by AFTE are also available for students majored in forensic science of any nationality.