Grant Tracking Software For Nonprofits

Grant Tracking Software For Nonprofits – Grants are an essential part of many nonprofit organizations since it is the source of financial capital that can be used to fund various useful programs that they have. Grants are given by the government, foundations or corporations as free money. Therefore, there is no obligation to repay them.

That being said, being responsible for the money that has been received is a must. It is important to keep good relation with the grant provider, and one of the best ways to do that is to show that your nonprofit has proper management to every aspect of the money, including the report on the funded projects or other use of funds.

Some nonprofits hire grant manager that research and submit grant proposals, oversees the grant activities and other grant-related areas while others prefer to use their own staff. Either way, they need to have reliable grant tracking software for nonprofits so that they can properly manage the money.


Benefits of Using Grant Tracking Software

Many nonprofits search for grant funding from the beginning. Grants can offer some amount of fund if your organization needs startup costs, program funding, new technology, and operating costs.

Using grant tracking software helps nonprofits with all steps for grant application. It can support nonprofits for finding and applying available grants. Besides, it helps nonprofits to track their finance, collect applications, automate communications and track outcomes.

When you use grant tracking software, it will ease things for the nonprofit, as below:

  • Spend less time on the administrative tasks
  • Ability to find more grant options
  • Notifications of the deadlines
  • Better communications between the team members

Top Three Grant Tracking Software For Nonprofits

In today’s post, we will reveal the top three grant tracking software for nonprofits, based on the online recommendation and reviews from various sources.


Fluent Technology was founded back in 2001, so they do have a bit of experience when it comes to this. Their Flexi-Grant software is web-based software, with free demo available for trying. The Flexi-Grant offers a $150 price tag per month for each user. It has very flexible options with ease of use. Of course, this software requires some basic computer skills. But don’t worry, the developers provide several options and lots of functionality on the training, including documentation, webinars, online support, and even in person training! Bottom line is, it’s a good software that offers flexibility for tracking.

Microsoft Grants Manager Plus

It is pretty obvious that Microsoft has some commendable software. The Microsoft Grant Manager Plus is one of them. It is a reliable software for managing almost every part of your grant, except that it doesn’t provide grant opportunity search feature.

What is best about this software is that the Microsoft provides the free version of it. You get to track and report the grant process, payment processing, scoring, award and post-award reports. Obviously, you get extra features for $79/month /user. Microsoft also offers a 24/7 live representative support, or you can use theirs in person trainers. It is fairly easy to customize the program, even if you are a non-technical person.


The AmpliFund is in our recommendation for grant software even though it has no online reviews because it offers great options for grant management, from award research and planning to post-award performance reports. The software is approved by the Grants Professional Associations (GPA), and it is also recognized by the U.S. Recovery Accountability Transparency Board (RABT). This web-based software offers various supports, from training documentation to webinars. There’s also a free demo should you wish to try the software beforehand.


If you are looking for a software from one of the credible nonprofit SaaS companies, Salesforce is the right option. This grant management system provides nonprofits track, manage, and also get grant funding. This is a useful tool to track and manage paperwork or funding for both grantmakers and grantseekers.

For nonprofits, you need to sign up to get a demo and then go to the pricing page to get more information on features. Outbound Funds Module is ready to use with $2,100 per year.


The next choice for an online donation tool is Foundant. It provides different programs for the community foundations, scholarship providers, grantmakers, and also nonprofits. Different from other companies on the list, Foundant has a big concern on grants and scholarships.

Foundant offers starting price at $75 per month for 35 users with GrantHub feature. This price includes 20 GB of the storage and the unlimited support. Nonprofits can start a demo and get a free trial by signing up first.


This is a nonprofit tool that has email marketing, surveys, and fundraising. Another significant part of Bloomerang is to help nonprofits with the grant management.

Bloomerang supports nonprofits to track applications, rejections, awards, and deadlines, and payments in this single software. You can track grants from Bloomerang to help nonprofits find the connections between the potential grant makers or individuals.

Grantseekers will also use Bloomerang’s Sustainability Scorecard to analyze and assess the financial and program data from the organization. Besides, it can help to quickly answer the questions from grant makers.


This is grant management software for grantmakers with many features, such as: collaboration tools, grantee engagement, budgeting and forecasting, reporting, and storytelling.

Fluxx offers one place so user can collect submission and make approval transparent and easy. The deadlines are cler with accessible data and visible impact. Grantmakers can use it to create grant process, give tasks for the team members, get in-app, email deadline notification. Besides, it can integrate with other tools such as Salesforce, Guidestar, DocuSign, and Microsoft Office.

For grantseekers, Fluxx has a free basic plan so nonprofits can manage unlimited requests, grants, payments, or assign unlimited tasks. The paid plan is available at $14.99 per month with the offer of a free trial, more integration and more interactive choices.

There you go. I really hope that you can get the best grant tracking software for nonprofits from the list above!


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