Spinal Cord Injury Research Grants

Spinal Cord Injury Research Grants – Doctors all over the world are facing increasing amount of patient in spinal cord injury. The increase of the occurence for this injury makes it even more crucial for doctors to understand all aspects about it. The best way to do so is trough research. As we have mentioned a lot of time before, research can be quite costly. One of the best way to fund it is trough research grants, because the researchers won’t have to repay the grant. That is why today we are focusing on the spinal cord injury research grants.

However, before we talk about the grant, let’s get to know more about the spinal cord injury, shall we? The spinal cord injury may be temporary or permanent. A temporary injury is caused by the bruised or swollen spinal cord, which makes the signal transfer from the brain to the other parts of the body is disturbed. In worse cases, the spinal nerves are cut or torn, and this makes the injury permanent. There are various accidents that may cause the injury, including automobile accidents, falling from high places, sports accidents, dives into shallow waters or tumor infections.


Finding Spinal Cord Injury Research Grants

Below are some of the spinal cord injury research grants sources you may want to pay attention to:

The Bryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation (Charitable & Research Grants) provides both research grants for scientists and charitable grants for patients suffering from spinal cord injury. The grant amount is pretty flexible. This year, there are three approved grants worth more than $180,000. However, there is no guarantee that the foundation will open the grant application for each year. You have to check their website to see the available options at http://www.brpf.org/

Some states like Missouri offers Spinal Cord Injury Research Program grants. The research grant amounts up to $250,000 per award for the researches or projects related to the spinal cord injury. This grant is designed for young investigators and researchers to do exploratory research for new possibilities. The grants are available for either one or two years, with continuation depending on the result of the first year and the fund availability. You can contact the Missouri Advisory Board of Spinal Cord Injury Research Program for submitting the proposal. There’s no deadline for this grant.

Another state that provides spinal cord injury research grants is California. The California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) provides research grants that focus on the treatment for spinal cord injury patients. Visit their website to learn more about the grant opportunity at http://www.cirm.ca.gov/our-progress/spinal-cord-injury-fact-sheet.

If you’re living in Australia, you can try the Spinal Research Institute Network grants. The institute provides small amount of grants ($1000 to $2000) to cover researchers’ travel cost on attending or presenting at an international conference related to spinal cord injury. There are also a bunch of other small grants that can support early career researchers to widen their horizon in the spinal cord injury field.

If you’re living in United States, you may want to contact your State’s department of health or local universities to learn about the possibility and opportunity for spinal cord injury research grants.


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