Financial Help for Disabled Adults

Financial Help for Disabled Adults – Being disabled is hard, both mentally and financially. It is often that people who have just become disabled suddenly find themselves unable to work. It is true that the disabled gain medical benefits from various programs such as Medicaid or Medicare, but these people often need some sort of financial assistance to help them cope with various expenses.


Some Options of Financial Help for Disabled Adults

Social Security Administration (SSA)

As a disabled, I am sure you have already heard about the Social Security Administration’s disability benefit. The application process is pretty straightforward and simple, the only problem is the waiting time to get your application approved. There are many people applying for an SSI or SSDI benefits, therefore it is only natural that there will be some application lining up.

While waiting for the SSDI approved, it is often that these people have to struggle with financial hardships. That is why it is important to know other alternatives, such as:

General Assistance from the State Agency

Every state in the United States provides some sort of public assistance that can help the disabled. The program is administered by a state agency (which name may be different depending on which state you’re living in). The assistance is available for eligible people with a disability that are still waiting for their SSI or SSDI approval. However, do remember that this is a temporary financial assistance that has to be repaid. The repayment for it is usually deducted from the SSI benefits.

There’s another option available from the government, including the Temporary Assistance for Needy Family. This is a temporary financial assistance that can be used during emergency times (for example, during the early process of being disabled). The TANF is not a permanent solution, so do not rely on that. This program is a social security program to ensure the family can live properly while sorting out the financial problem.

Other assistance Options

There’s more than just financial aid for disabled adults. Other forms of assistance can also save you some money, which you can eventually spend on other necessities. There are many programs that can help the disabled to have a proper living standard, including the Food Stamp and housing assistance program.

Food Stamp (which is also known as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will help the disabled and needy families to purchase some basic things that they need. I’m sure you already know about the requirement and the terms of service for this program. Meanwhile, the housing assistance programs are available from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (which comes in the form of housing vouchers).

By utilizing other assistance, you can save some money and use the SSI or SSDI benefit for other necessities.

If you are unsure of where to look for help, we highly recommend you to contact your state’s Department of Social Services. Their adult services office will be able to provide you with valuable information related to the available assistance programs in your local area, which may include financial assistance for disabled adults.