Financial Assistance for Bills

When you’re looking for some financial assistance for bills, it is important to know which bills that you want to pay. As expected, there is help available from various sources. It is a commonly known that these assistances are only available for people and families who have low income. In today’s post you will learn about these various opportunities available in the United States:

Financial Assistance for Bills Opportunities

Energy Bill

Home energy is an essential aspect of a house, especially during the colder days. The government through the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is the main assistance that can be used for weatherization or assistance in paying the energy bills. If you need assistance for energy bills, we recommend you to contact your local LIHEAP agency. They will decide your eligibility and explain the next steps of the assistance.


Phone Bills

The Federal Communication Commission’s Universal Service Fund offer the Lifeline that can help people who are low income to get discounted service from both land or wireless phone. The program is working together with the local telephone company in your area. We highly recommend visiting the Lifeline website and then check if you meet their eligibility.

Emergency Cash Aid

There are times when the family is faced with a crisis that can threaten their financial condition. Families with low income are often greatly affected by these events and they need a short term help in the form of cash as soon as possible. There’s one program from the government that can help these families out, and the name of the program is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF). The TANF program varies between states, and these states in addition have different opinion on the best way to use the money. However, in general, the money from the TANF can be used for almost anything, as long as it is to fulfill the family’s basic needs such as housing, food, energy, child care, etc.

Medical Bills

Help for medical bills can come from various sources. The most popular option would be Medicare/Medicaid program, which office is available in every state. The program is aimed to support those who are financially needy, seniors and the disabled. Veterans of the armed forces may also receive help from the Department ff Veterans Affairs (VA).

There’s also the, which is an excellent place to learn about your options. For more information on the assistance available for medical bills, you should contact the United Way 211 and ask. Note that most of the medical assistances don’t come in the form of money. Typically you are given free or low cost services.

Housing and Mortgage Bills

Housing arguably takes the biggest portion of your income. There are some assistance options available from the government, which is usually administered by HUD approved agencies. These agencies may be able to assist you in paying the monthly rent or the security deposit in order to prevent homelessness. HUD also provides the Housing Choice Voucher Program, which is also known as the Section 8 Housing assistance.

All in all, it’s all depend on which financial aid for bills that you need.


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