Grants for Sober Living Homes

Grants for Sober Living Homes – Creating sober-living homes, which are also known as the halfway house can be quite a challenge. Sometimes some people in the community won’t accept the sober-living homes in their neighborhood, and some expected expenses will come after. Fortunately, funding for sober living homes is not as hard as creating other transitional houses because it is less expensive. However, the availability of grants or another form of financial assistance will be a great solution to reduce the expenses or even to help the residents with their living expenses. Below are some of your options:

Some options of Grants for Sober Living Homes

United Way

One of our favorite organizations in the United States, the United Way may be able to help you start or maintain your sober living homes. Usually, this organization can connect you with organizations that support your cause, but this time around the United Way is willing to provide grants for nonprofit groups that provide service for the community. The United Way has an extensive network, so the chance is there’s one in your State. Contact them and ask about this opportunity.


Sober Living Foundation

If you are currently managing a sober living home, you can try applying for a grant from the Sober Living Foundation to help you cover the monthly cost of the home. Eligible homes will receive up to $700 per month, but it comes with a reimbursement system. This means that you have to pay for the expenses upfront, and then ask the foundation to repay you by showing evidence about the expenses. You also need to attend an online course provided by the foundation before you’re eligible for the grant.

Sonora Area Foundation

Focused at Tuolumne County, the foundation provides good grants program that can be used by nonprofits in that area to create or maintain sober living homes. The applications for the program are received five times in a year, which are February, April, August, October, and December. However, the grant money may differ from year to year, depending on the available funding of the foundation.


There are several other places you can search for sober living homes grants, you can search for private foundations or grants from the government for your cause. If you’re interested in getting government grants to help your sober living home, you should visit the and CFDA (Catalog for Federal Domestic Assistance). These two sites have a good list of possible grant options available from the government.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for funding from private foundation you should visit the Foundation Center. For just about $20 per month, you will get to search for organizations that support your cause and provide that much-needed grants. If you don’t think you can spare $20 per month, we recommend getting it for the first month and then unsubscribe on the second month. That way, you can have access for their extensive database and you can increase your chance of getting sober living homes grants.

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