Free Baby Stuff That Are Incredibly Important to Have

Having a new born is the biggest blessing on earth. Somehow, low income families find it really difficult to manage with the expenses associated with a new baby. A baby has many must-have pieces for their daily and weekly needs. It is because, when you have a baby your expenses increase and you have to deal with a lot many things. That’s why there are many programs and services nationwide to offer free baby stuff for low income families.

Whether you are expecting or already bouncing a baby on your lap, there are baby freebies to manage with expenses. Take, for example, the Baby2Baby, National Diaper Bank Network, WIC, Free Breast Pumps, Free Car Seats, Medicaid and many more. Free baby stuffs for low-income is an innovative step to eradicate the problem and gift a good life to the baby. Since we cannot compromise with the health and well-being of a new-born, and everything is just as important as he or she is.


Let’s have a quick look at the most important item for parents to have and how they can get free access to them.

Nursery Furniture

One of the most important things to have for a baby is a choice of right furniture. Right furniture helps in the growth and development of your infant. Your baby needs to have a crib or co-sleeper first with a crib mattress. At Cribsforkids, you can find free cribs for low income families throughout the USA. Search for local donation center from the website.

Formula Feeding

For newborn, there are nutrition an important thing. Get to eight or more bottles with newborn nipples, bottle cleaning brush or a dishwasher basket. Baby formula is a must thing to have. If you are in a low-income situation and having a hard time to provide basic food necessities, there are an organization that help you with free baby stuff for low income families. Check the Women, Infants and Children Organization for food and nutrition education for new mothers. The USDA National Hunger Clearinghouse offers national referral service offers food supplement program in the local region. Other non government programs include the Enfamil and Similac and Nature’s One.


Many new and exciting mothers are unaware of important breastfeeding tools, and the benefits it has to offer for kids. It is nice to have breast pumps, breast milk storage bags, bottles and nipples, 2-3 boxes of nursing pads and more. If you are unable to purchase breast pumps, then an organization provide breast pumps for free without paying any hefty price. There are several other free baby stuff for low income families which you can access anytime, but you need to sign up and search for the charity websites that provides the same.


Every new born baby needs two packs of diapers first. A complete of wipes, diaper rash ointment, waterproofing changing table pad, baby cream and non-talc powder, are few of the most important things to have. For saving few bucks on above expenses, you can go through the National Diaper Bank Network; here you will find diapers assistance programs for a new mom. The agency will connect you with the nearest organization that provides the diapers or basic needs for free. You can also take The Honest Company Trial; the company will send you free baby stuff by mail, which includes five diapers and 10 wipes. All you need to sign up and search.


Having a baby cloth is a must have a thing. New born babies have a specific choice of clothing, such as leggings, onesies, shoes and more. If you belong from a low income family, then there are sites to help you with the same. Many charitable organizations come with free baby stuffs for low income families to manage with the additional expenses. Goodwill is one such store that offers great deals, especially on baby clothing. Another online store is Baby Leggings site; you can throw a pillow into the cart and use PENNY1 coupon code to get baby clothing for free. Little Wanderer is an independent retailer that stocks adorable footwear for kids for $29.95 only. Also, you can use PENNY1 coupon code to get unique baby clothing from Custom Snappies. Find more information from the websites itself.

Medical Coverage

There is nothing more important than a baby’s health. You must provide proper care and medical assistance from best medical facilities. However, low income families find it hard to manage with doctor’s appointment, regular checkup, consultation and more. For them, Medicaid is the right answer. Medicaid provides free or low cost medical coverage for low income families, pregnant women and infants who cannot afford the medical charges. Apply through the website directly to find your eligibility and get coverage for the medical expenses. If you are not eligible for Medicaid, go for CHIP or Children Health Insurance program that provides complete medical coverage to new born and pregnant women, coming under a specific area or location. You can find free medicines, finances for medical check-ups easily; just you need to search through websites that offer free baby stuff for low income families. Look into a charitable trust and non-profit organization supporting child and women welfare category.

You can find lots of free stuff online, search through the discounts coupons and sign up through them. Amazon, ebay, Huggies, Pampers, Walmart are few names in the series, register with the sites to access their free-stuff programs.

Bottom Line

If things are getting tough, you can tap into the resources that provide free baby stuff for low income families. There are many governments, private, non-profitable and charitable organizations to free-up your budget so that you can invest in other important items. Know about the financial assistance program for father paying baby support here. Look and search through each of them and make you parenting healthier for your baby. No need to compromise with the upbringing, there are things that can help you with the same.