IUPUI Financial Aid Program

IUPUI Financial Aid – Unlike student loan, grant does not require the recipient to pay it back, and that is what many of us know about grant. Lately, this type of financial aid becomes the top search of many students. With the education cost that keeps increasing every year, no wonder if grant now turned into a popular financial aid among students. Its generosity in dropping the requirement for the recipient to pay the money back soothes the pain of paying expensive education cost. Winning a grant could also mean focusing only to study. We do not have to be bothered with tuition or other education expenses we need to pay every semester because the grant we received can be used to cover it. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis offers some financial aids via IUPUI financial aid program to help student to deal with expensive education cost.

Just similar to grants offered at other schools or universities, IUPUI financial aid program has eligibility criteria. Those who are keen to apply for the grant offered via IUPUI financial aid program must fulfill all the requirements asked.


IUPUI Summer Financial Aid 2014

General IUPUI financial aid Requirements

  • Admitted in a program study
  • The applicants must hold U.S citizenship or be eligible noncitizen
  • Enrolled in certain amount of time in one semester
  • Meet the standard of Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Not in debt from student loan
  • Not involved in drug case
  • FAFSA rejected
  • Imprisoned student

Once you have all the requirements, now you can continue your attempt to applying one of IUPUI financial aid programs.

The application process starts from the FAFSA application. You need to complete FAFSA form properly since this step will determine your eligibility to IUPUI financial aid. Fill out the forms accurately so you can improve your chance of winning the approval. There are two options available for you for completing the FAFSA. They are offline and online. Both are the same, but it seems like the online one is much more popular than the offline one. Faster in editing and receiving SAR or Student Aid Report, and more responsive consultation are few reasons why the online application method is more preferable. For you information, applying for FAFSA with paper can make you waiting for the reply much longer. It may take few weeks for the reply to arrive.

Prior to entering all the documents as well as other information required to the website, it would be better if you complete the FAFSA on the web worksheet first. Everything you see on the worksheet will be the same as if you were completing the application on the website. This is just like to help you to make sure if everything is completed so that you do not have to edit.

So, do you need extra money to cope with the tuition or other education expenses? If you need extra source of fund to continue your study, then now is the time for you to apply for financial aids program offered via IUPUI financial aid.


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