Grants for Online High School Diploma

We understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to get their undergraduate degree, let alone high school diploma. This time we would like to discuss about Grants for Online High School Diploma. Is there such thing?

For your information, grants can come from the government, corporate foundations or other organizations such as nonprofits organizations. However, the grant money coming from other sources besides the government are often inconsistent. This means that they don’t necessarily provide the financial aid annually. Therefore, a lot of people are focusing on getting government grants to support their education.


Grants for Online High School Diploma

Government administers the grant application, selection and award process using their Free Application for Federal Student Aid. But here’s the big question: Does FAFSA can be applied for online high school or high school in general?

Sadly the answer to that question is a no. Federal financial aid for education program that is administered by the Department of Education is designed for higher education (Master degree, Graduate degree, etc), meaning that the high school level students cannot use the program to cover the costs of education in high school.

Almost every (if not all) of other sources of education grant have the same policy about this matter. Moreover, the only way for a high school to be able to get grants for their high school diploma is to be regionally accredited, which is practically impossible for online high school. This means that it would be hard for you to search for free money to cover the cost of online high school. But then again, there’s always a way for those who don’t give up!

Your Options

First, let’s discuss about these online high schools offered on the internet. We won’t deny that there are a few of legitimate online high schools available, but most of them have questionable reputation. It is common that these schools aren’t actually able to give you real and nationally acknowledge high school diploma. After finishing the study and pay for everything you will be asked to take the GED exam. Even worse, some claim that they offer online GED, which is obviously a scam technique. GED tests are available for students coming to the test in person. Therefore, it is important to do an in-depth research of the online high school.

Now you know that GED can be a good replacement for high school diploma, you may think that you’d take online GED preparation courses. While you’re free to do so, we highly recommend you to check your adult ed program or your local community college to get access to free or affordable GED prep classes. The standard cost of this government-funded program is around $25, which is quite cheap. You can start your search for free or affordable GED program by contacting your local school district, community college or your local Job Service office.

Last but not least, we want to salute everyone who has the desire to move forward in their education. To sum it up, instead of searching grants for online high school diploma we recommend you to get affordable GED prep class and take the exam. That will save you more money and time.


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