Can You Get Free Tubal Reversal Grants?

Many doctors often offer free tubal reversal for a handful of low-income patients. Non-profit organizations can receive donor funds or government grants and allocate financial aid to couples who change their minds about having another baby.

However, the number of couples seeking free surgical care is much larger than the funding accessible to help them. Therefore, you may have to adjust your expectations by finding various ways to lower your surgical costs.


Free tubal reversal services

Finding free tubal reversal services is not an easy task. This delicate significant surgery deals with much more than just simply removing clips or clamps. A part of the Fallopian tubes is always disabled. Therefore, the surgeon has to be extremely careful while putting the two healthy ends back together.

Finding pro bono services that cut some of your overall costs may be a practical expectation. This gives you opportunities to save money for the time when you have a baby.

Interest-free financing

A flexible Spending Account (FSA) is an ideal interest-free financing option for people who are looking for lowering their tubal reversal expenses. You and your partner may choose to contribute up to $2,700 each to a healthcare FSA during their annual open enrollment period.

Schedule the elective surgery for the beginning of the FSA plan year. Your employer must compensate all eligible medical costs immediately, even if you have not yet made any pre-tax contribution to the account. If you end employment during the year, the money is yours to keep

  1. Your employer cannot collect interest on the loan
  2. Payroll deductions before taxes really save you money
  • Lower federal income taxes
  • Eliminate FICA taxes on amounts
  • Potential State Income Tax Savings

Natural methods

Naturally reversing the tubal ligation is a free option, but has little chance of working. Your fallopian tubes would have to be reconnected without surgery to restore your fertility.

The two natural methods promoted online have very low success rates. Moreover, both methods have little or absolutely no scientific information to back them up.

  1. Fertility massage helps in increasing blood flow to the reproductive organs
  2. Consuming castor oil by mouth to promote natural healing

Insurance coverage

Making your public or private health insurance plan pay is another option to get your tube reversal for free. This alternative will work only for a very small number of people who fit into one of the three below-mentioned categories –

  1. Women with a medically necessary reason, including PTLS or dysmenorrhea
  2. Active-duty women who can schedule surgery at a military base
  3. Couples who work in mandatory states can get IVF coverage

Also, insurance can pay for the medically important parts of your procedure. Preoperative blood tests and ultrasounds, excision of lesions and fibroids, and postoperative complications are some of examples.

Clinical trials

Agreeing to participate in a clinical trial is also a great alternative that can lead to free tubal reversals. In a clinical trial, associates can receive pro-bono services in return for being a human guinea pig in experimental protocols.

Start with the government’s clinical trials website. Enter search terms correlated to signs you may be experiencing. The system will present most of the related studies that may be in foreign countries.

  • PTLS
  • Dysmenorrhea
  • Other symptoms

But, the odds are not very good that you will pass. Most of the studies focused on tubal occlusions and other disease-related conditions, not the denial of prior voluntary sterilization.

Free tubal reversal grants

Free tubal reversal grants are the best option if you want the money that you don’t have to pay back with an entity willing to grant you this funding without conditions. However, finding such free tubal reversal grants is not easy.

The federal government usually offers such grants to universities, state agencies, and non-profit organizations. Remember that these grants are not given to individuals or couples. Check out the website and identify potential beneficiaries in your regional area. You can also seek help from your local university or non-profit organization for a third party to pay for your tubal reversal.


Many fertility clinics across Texas and Florida actively promote offering a free consultation and evaluation of your previous surgical report. The purpose is to take the women to the door of their office, where they can review the case and make recommendations.

The clinic does not untie its tubes at no cost. Instead, they provide something of value (their time and experience) in exchange for the opportunity to sell you a service for a fee for tubal reversal surgery.


Non-profit tubal reversal financial aid is another option worth exploring. However, there is little chance of achieving the desired result as non-profit charities usually have limited funds and resources. This is why they can help a very small number of couples.

Most non-profit organization uses four or more income models to raise funds.

  1. Government grants sometimes fall
  2. Trust in the generosity of donors
  3. Charge application fees in advance
  4. Help people raise money from friends

Unfortunately, these models don’t seem to work very well.

Tax Grants

The federal government also gives grants in the form of unreimbursed medical expense deductions. The unreimbursed expenses for tubal reversal surgery qualify for this tax savings reduction.

Couples who do not have access to an FSA or who missed annual open enrollment can take this route. Taking the deduction is the alternative option as the applicant must meet two different thresholds to qualify for the tax savings –

  1. The amount of unreimbursed medical expenses need to exceed a percentage of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) – 5% in 2019; 0% in 2020
  2. The total itemized deductions must also exceed your standard deduction. The Tax and Employment Reduction Act increased the standard deduction, which means fewer people will benefit from itemizing.

Talk with your certified public accountant for any suggestions regarding itemizing deductions that will lower your tax bill.

The conclusion –

Women sometimes find themselves regretting having a tubal ligation when they feel the need of having a child again. However, since tubal ligation is a permanent form of birth control, it needs tubal reversal for restoring the ability to conceive again. The best way to get it done is by looking for tubal reversal grants that are offered by the government, non-profit organizations, and charities as these services are often free.

PS: For Muslims who want to do tubal reversal, please follow the instructions below: