Are There Government Grants for Dental Implants

Are there government grants for dental implants is one of the most popular questions people trying to find answers to at this time. Dental implant grants give a promising way to cover the cost to do the dental implants.

Also, dental implants have several procedures that medically, it is categorized as cosmetic surgery. The cost can reach several hundred or thousand dollars. For this reason, people are trying to find government grants for dental implants to get enough coverage even without insurance.


Are There Government Grants for Dental Implants

To answer your questions about are there government grants for dental implants, here are the available options:

Some organizations give grants and other kinds of funding, such as dental implant grants, dental grants for kids and adults, or cosmetic dental grants. The grants can be expensive procedures low-cost or free. In this section, you will get some of your options for the dental grants, below:

  • Grant for dentures
  • Dental grants for single mothers
  • Dental grants for low-income
  • Cosmetic dentistry grants
  • Dental grants for the veterans

If you want to get a dental implant to replace missing teeth for cosmetic dentistry or health reasons, take dental implant grants. It can solve the cost issue. Here are the available options to get dental implants grants:

DentaQuest Community Response Fund

DentaQuest gives grants and also funding in Pennsylvania, especially for community health centers. This program has a mission to support these centers by providing services for the community.

So, if you stay in Pennsylvania, you can visit the local community health center since you can put grant money to fund the dental care you choose. To apply for this program, you can find the local community health center near you.

Dental Preventive Clinical Support

This program gives grants to organizations in the US, especially to Tribal organizations that work to support healthcare and dental care for the member of the community in need of funding treatment. The grants solve the challenges that are generally associated with preventive and clinical programs.

Healthier Smiles Grant Program

The founder of the grant program is Mars Wrigley Foundation. This program provides the members of the American Dental Hygienists Association with a big interest in receiving dental grants to provide more access for those in need in the communities.

Government Grants for Dental Implants – The ADA Foundation

The ADA Foundation has a grant program that supports dentists and their dependents with living costs. The grants are available to support the applicants so they can cover their daily needs and expenses.

The ADA also builds an internship with non-profit organizations to offer grants to help fund dental work for the communities.

Medicare Dental Coverage

Medicare is the only health insurance program provided by the federal to help people under the categories below:

  • Help seniors (65 and older)
  • Help younger individuals (under 65) with disabilities
  • Individuals with permanent kidney failure that needs a transplant or dialysis

Besides, there are three kinds of Medicare:

  • Medicare Part A covers hospital insurance
  • Medicare Part B to cover medical insurance
  • Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs

Some private insurers provide Medicare Advantage dental plans to cover everything, such as Cleanings, Exams, X-rays, Diagnostic services, Restorative Services (Fillings), Implants, and others.

Medicare can be a solution to answer your question, are there government grants for dental implants? Sadly, Medicare does not offer a lot of dental benefits. It does not cover the major dental services, both general and cosmetic dentistry.

It means that when you get dental services, it does not provide full government grants for dental implants. Medicare will only help you to lower the total cost. It is why there are 41% of adults have medical and dental bills in an unpaid status.

Government Grants for Dental Implants – Medicaid

Medicaid is a program for Americans to support health coverage in some categories such as Low-income adults, children, pregnant women, disabled people, and low-income elderly adults. It is different from Medicare.

Medicaid coverage is different in every state. Each state has different coverage for Medicaid dental and medical care.

Can children from low-income families use Medicaid to get dental care? Thankfully, Medicaid can cover children to get dental benefits to prevent them from suffering from cavities and toothaches.

If your children have Medicaid dental insurance, they can use it for the following dental care:

  • Tooth restoration
  • Pain relief and infection treatment
  • Dental health maintenance
  • Any service related to medical help

Medicaid also supports dental services for low-income adults, but it is more complicated. Each state can choose what Medicaid dental to provide for adults with no minimum requirements for adults’ dental coverage.

Based on American Dental Association, there are about 36% of Americans with low income have dealt with untreated cavities. Besides, in the US, only 37% of dentists go with Medicaid. It is because many states have strict requirements for providers to become dentists that can go with Medicaid. Other than that, those who can get dental coverage from Medicaid in the state does not aware of this service.

To answer your question about whether are there government grants for dental implants, try Medicaid. Well, it is not a grant, but it is state-funded insurance. Not all states provide Medicaid for dental coverage.

But if you have a serious health issue, you need implants and you have Medicaid, then you can use this solution to cover part of the budget. To use this option, speak with your dentists and talk to your provider.

Federal Tax Breaks

Are there government grants for dental implants in form of tax breaks? You can substitute your IRS tax break for government grants, especially for dental implants. It will help you lower the cost directly and provide an effective financing mechanism.

Moreover, there are three programs available for federal tax breaks, which are:

1. Itemized Deductions – It is tax deductible and if you undergo full-mouth replacement, you can save your money when you consolidate expenses in a year.

2. Flexible Spending Account (FSA) – It is a feasible solution for individuals who need dental implant financing but has bad credit. You can reimburse the qualifying expense as soon as possible with the help of our employer. You also have 12 months as your time to repay the loan through pre-tax payroll.

3. Health Saving Accounts (HSA) – as a tax-favored funding vehicle that is integrated into HDHP (High-Deductible Health Plan), you can use it before starting any dental treatment. Make sure that you have an account and pay back later by using tax-favored dollars and continue the treatment with the presence of HDHP.

State & Local Tax Breaks

State Tax Break has the same mechanism just like Federal Tax Break, but it is from the state government. Meanwhile, the city government tax breaks are useful for dental implant grants with a little bit different protocol. The pre-tax FSA and HAS are possible to decrease the lower treatment costs by reducing the amount of income.

Other Grants for Dental Implants

If you have tried some information about are there government grants for dental implants above, but have no results, here are the alternative options:

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants – CDG

In this program, you can get help with the cost of dental implants. However, it is important to note that the program is not for profit.

CDG has participating volunteer dentists that will pay a fee for each patient from this program. The fee will help the CDG to pay for the patient’s dental implant and its procedures.

So, they have the volunteers to gather some money. They can use the money to run advocacy programs, pay the administration cost, and start marketing campaigns. This program is free for anyone who wants to apply to improve smiles. Eventually, they give $1 million in regular grants each year.

Applicants must meet some specific requirements from this program. If you want to be an applicant, you must prove that you have good oral health. So, you can follow all procedures. To prove this, you must follow an oral assessment with a certified professional.

Once you completed the assessment and you get the dentist’s approval, you can follow the procedure for the dental implants. Your dentist will give you a recommendation for following the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant and start to make a treatment plan. However, there is some important information to know about this program below:

  • This program does not pay for the cost of the x-ray tests
  • You or your insurance will be responsible to pay for the upfront costs of the treatments.
  • The program will then reimburse some of the costs.
  • This program is only for applicants in California and New York.

Are There Government Grants for Dental Implants for Seniors

Dental grants for low-income adults are available for those who need cosmetic and implant grants. When you are looking for grants for seniors, you can start with the local community health center in your area.

The American Dental Association Foundations has something, popular as ADA Foundation Senior American Access. These government grants for dental implants for seniors support nonprofitable organizations to give dental care to underserved Americans at age 62 or over.

Just like implant funding including federal grants for dental implants, the dental grant does not mean that you will get the award directly as an individual. Dental grants for seniors or children are only for non-profit organizations that give free or oral health care at a low cost.

Are There Government Grants for Dental Implants for Veterans

Are there government grants for dental implants for veterans? One of the best ways is applying for the Dental Lifeline Network. This program offers several dental grants to give free comprehensive dental care for disabled people, low-income adults, and veterans as well.

Besides, they also get grants through several foundations, including the ADA Foundation which funds other grants including dental grants for veteran dental services from the presence of the Dental Lifeline Network.

Dental Implant Grants for the Low-Income Adults

Are there government grants for dental implants for low-income adults? They can try grants for cosmetic and implant dentistry by contacting the following organizations:

  • Samuel Harris Fund – It offers dental grants for single mothers by becoming the sponsor for many specific organizations dedicated to supporting mothers and caregivers.
  • E. Bud Tarrson Dental School Student Community Leadership Award – This grant is popular as a volunteer community service project in the US. The dental students are the leader in the projects. The fund for this grant is for research and underserved communities.
  • Access to Care – The grant is from the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. It provides funds for dental services dedicated to underserved children. This program also runs every year.

Dental Implant Grants for Disabled People

Are there government grants for dental implants especially for disabled people? This type of grant does not exist. But you can take benefit of SSI and SSDI. You can concern about the available charities that help with dental implants. These charities prioritize disabled people because they have evident needs.

Dental Implant for Single Mothers

Solo parents are often eligible for programs that can support them to save money. Government grants for a dental implant, especially for single mother does not exist. But you can try to find programs to help you pay for the cost of prosthodontist treatment.

How to Get Low-Cost Dental Care Near You

If you are looking for free dental implants for low-income and you do not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare, there are some useful tips to get low-cost dental care. It works when you cannot afford an expensive private plan.

Grants for Dental Implants – Local Health Departments

The Bureau of Primary Health Care is a service under the Health Resources and Services Administration. The service stands with community health centers in the country that receive funds from the federal.

The centers help the federal to give free or low-cost services such as free dental care for low-income families or individuals.

You can now access the HRSA website to get more information about the available community health center near your area. You can contact them and ask all things you want to know about dental services for low-income families or individuals.

Dental Schools

When you have no solution to find available government dental grants because you cannot meet the criteria of a participant, don’t worry. You still have other alternatives, one of them is ADA dental schools.

There, you will get low-cost dental care with high-quality treatment. You will get the same quality of care just like in a dental clinic. Even though the student will perform the treatment, they have experienced and licensed dentists to supervise their service.

Use this dental school finder to find the available ADA dental schools near you. If you find some, just contact them to ask whether they have free or low dental care support.

Clinical Trials

When you think that it is impossible to get an affordable treatment for your oral condition, take benefit by participating in a clinical trial. Use this website and then type your condition to see if they have available clinical trials to lower the dental care cost.

The United Way

As a large non-profit organization, the United Way is very active to serve certain communities. It is possible to get help from this non-profit organization for low-cost dental care.

Healthcare Navigator

Maybe you have read all these posts and desperately cannot find help for your oral condition. If so, it is time to enlist some more possible help. For example, you can use Healthcare Navigators for free.

This page helps you find available healthcare and dental care from ACA or other if you cannot meet the eligibility of ACA. Use the Healthcare Navigator which provides you with tons of valuable resources.


Are there government grants for dental implants? Dental service can be very expensive, especially for dental implants. There are many resources to use in this process and it takes a lot of costs to pay for. For this reason, not all citizens can pay for dental implant treatments, especially low-income families.

Government grants for dental implants support various organizations by providing funds. So, the organizations can provide dental implant grants for individuals in need. The government is using this grant as the best effort to save more people from dental issues.


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