5 Charitable Organizations That Can Give Free Beds This Christmas

It has been rightly said – A good laugh and good sleep are the two best cures for anything. If one can manage a great rest in full comfort, the person is going to live long.

Having a good sleep habits is quintessential. Somehow, low-income families could not make it easier.  Low-income families having poor financial conditions face a lot of difficulties. Buying an expensive mattress or bed for comfortable sleeping is one of them.


Best Solution for Getting Free Beds

There are many charitable and non-profit organizations that are offering free beds this holiday season. Charitable trusts are coming up with free benefits for low-income families and individuals who wish to sleep comfortably on an autumn night. The beds are provided free of cost without charging any taxes. The service is meant to help needy people, who use to spend their nights sleeping outside.

Where Can You Find Free Beds This Christmas– 5 Best Resources for Low-Income Families?

This Christmas, you can feel merrier. Many federal and non-government organization offers free beds for low-income families. These charitable organizations need no rewards in return. They are precisely for social well-being. If you are looking for such free help, get in touch with them. There is no restriction for the applicant. One needs to prove his or her eligibility by showing the income resources, age, category, and others.

Come to the point. Here are five charitable organizations from where you can get a free bed this Christmas month.

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a wonderful organization. It helps people in need, the homeless, veterans, and ex-convicted felons. Its objective is to provide education, the relief of poverty, and other charitable objects beneficial to society or the community of humankind as a whole.

The Salvation Army helps people by providing donations. You can get a furniture voucher from the website. It will help you buy a new bed.  It’s a great help for someone who is having financial difficulties. For access to their programs, find out about the local Salvation Army working near you. Are they providing any vouchers or not? Are you eligible to receive one?

Click here to find your local Salvation Army.

St. Vincent de Paul

St.Vincent de Paul is an organization that provides free furniture for local social service agencies. People not having beds, tables, or sofas for their homes can get free furniture from them. The organization provides an effective and efficient way to meet the growing demands of free furniture for persons in need.

St.Vincent de Paul program provides furniture vouchers. These vouchers are distributed through case managers, participating agencies, and their representatives, or through the local St. Vincent de Paul conference. Each participating member has to bear the cost of storage, delivery, and pick-up services from St.Vincent de Paul.

St.Vincent de Paul offers services in tons of locations throughout the United States. Visit the location page and scroll down to the bottom. You will be able to see the site of the organization. On the same page, you can find coupons and discounts for your local organization.

Find a St. Vincent de Paul near you from here: https://svdpusa.org/Assistance-Services

Goodwill Industries

Goodwill Industries International (GII) is a chain of 157 community-based, autonomous organizations in the United States and Canada with a presence in 12 other countries. The U.S. Department of Social Services and community organizations run it. They can help you pay for the furniture.

Like the Salvation Army, Goodwill provides free vouchers for low-income families and individuals. You can take a coupon to a local Goodwill store and use it to buy a new bed. They have tons of donated items in the store. One can find the nearest Goodwill store here: https://www.goodwill.org/locator/

Goodwill aims at improving the quality of life by strengthening the weaker section of society. Get access to free household goods, clothing, training, and more.

Samaritan House

Samaritan House is a supportive community-based program providing housing and resources for financially challenged families and individuals. The organization fights poverty in San Mateo County. It collects donations from individuals and community-minded organizations to meet the need of the residents. Some of them are In-kind donation programs or Joe’s Run. It fosters personal safety, growth, and self-sufficiency in adults and their children.

The Samaritan House aims at creating positive change in the lives of individuals and families. Every year they come up with a holiday cheer program. This program includes Thanksgiving Food Drive, Children’s Toy Drive, Children’s Coat Drive, and Teen Gift Drive. Volunteers working with the Samaritan House offer free food, clothing, toys, and useful gifts. You can collect more information from here: https://samaritanhousesanmateo.org/article/36-years-of-holiday-cheer/

The Samaritan House is fighting poverty and lifting lives.


The Craigslist website offers free beds for low-income families and individuals. They are one of the most accessible resources to get home furniture free of cost. One can find free beds, tables, chairs, or others from the local Craigslist page for your city or the nearest city.

Craigslist list all types of items on sale. People use to record their used and old products on the page. Buyers find products at a bargain price from the store. It is easy to find good-quality products on the website. Some free-spirited people donate their items for free. It could be an Air Conditioner, Freeze, or a free bed for low-income families. One who wants to get rid of their used furniture can donate it. A person looking for free stuff can get the necessary item for free. You need to search for the free items under the same category only.

The resources mentioned above are the five best places to find free beds. You can search for freecycle.org, check moving day on college campuses, or visit the thrift store. Check for gift cards, or Barter and Recycle Reddit Forums for some gifts and freebies this holiday season

Bottom Line

Christmas this year is waiting for good cheers for you and your family. Make your special day memorable, by having a free bed. Several charitable organizations are there to help you. Locate them and ask for free kinds of stuff.

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