12 Necessary Things To Donate To Animal Shelters

All non-profit organizations, including animal shelters, need our donations and support. Although we can’t help with pet adoption, we can lighten their load by giving money or things to donate to animal shelters. Here is a collection of ideas for items that can be donated. Not only new items, but you can also look for them from items around your house.

There are things to donate to animal shelters from the things you already have. Shelters require a lot of supplies and can deplete supply stores very quickly. Because it takes a lot to run a shelter. For those of you who are pet owners and have good stuff stored, this is a good time for you to check things to donate to animal shelters.


Complete Lists To Donate To Animal Shelters

Around your home, see what items you have that you would like to send to the animal shelter. Checking your inventory can also leave you with a more clean and organized space. That will be a great help to the animals that have been waiting at the shelter. Look for the following items from your home inventory to donate to an animal shelter. Here’s the list.

1. Sealed and unopened pet food or snacks

Some people buy pet food or treat in bulk. If you are someone who has a large stock of pet food, you can donate it to an animal shelter. Your pets may also have their tastes, if they don’t like certain types of food or treats, you can also donate them to an animal shelter, but make sure that the food and treats are unopened and also have not passed their expiration date.
In addition to food or snacks, you can also donate pet food utensils. Call the animal shelter you are donating to and ask what type of feeding utensils can be donated. Some animal shelters only accept metal feeding bowls.

2. Collars, leashes, and harness

Dogs always need time to walk around to behave properly indoors. You can donate dog leashes to an animal shelter. Size doesn’t matter as they usually have different breeds and sizes of dogs. Plus, dog walking accessories tend to wear out pretty quickly, so donating some of your own will help with supplies.

3. Things to donate to animal shelters – Sturdy toys

Toys can break down quickly because they are often used to provide stimulation and comfort for pets. Most of the time, during use, the toys were bitten or scratched. A sturdy toy would be a good choice to donate to animal shelters.

4. Blankets or towels

Sleeping equipment is a basic need for animal shelters. Unfortunately, bedding such as blankets or towels wears out very quickly. Common use or pet behavior, such as chewing, spoils it quickly. So, lots of supplies are needed.
Most animal shelters accept used bed linen, towels, and blankets that are still usable and clean. But you can also ask if they accept these items.

5. Cleaning supplies and organizer

Caring for pets requires a lot of cleaning supplies and to prevent the mess, they need lots of cleaning supplies for their daily needs. Things to donate to animal shelters related to cleaning supplies can be paper towels, garbage bags, rubber gloves, sprays, organizers, and ziplock bags.

6. Things to donate to animal shelters – Stationery

Some people run animal shelters, and they need to do some administrative work to keep things organized. To help with the administrative functions there, you can donate stationery such as pens, folders, notebooks, glue, markers, paper, and masking tape.

7. Metal cages

Metal cage donations are urgently needed by animal shelters. If you have a metal cage that is still in a good shape, this is one of the best things to donate to animal shelters. Do a check first before you donate a cage. You need to make sure that the cage is still in good condition and can function properly. Also, check for loose or sticking parts to keep pets safe.

Other Useful Things For Animal Shelter Donations

Maybe some of us don’t have pets, so the items above may not be available in our homes. That doesn’t mean we can’t provide donations. You can buy them and donate them to animal shelters. This is a list of other things to donate to animal shelters.

1. Things for animal shelters – Money

Not only goods, but animal shelters also need funds. Money is an essential need of a non-profit organization. They have a tight budget and financial assistance will go a long way towards caring for the pets.
Your donation can be in the form of cash or check, some animal shelters provide an online donation page. There is also another way, such as giving a gift voucher from a company that provides animal care products but making sure that the voucher can have a big impact on the maintenance activities at the animal shelter.

2. Grooming equipment

Grooming is one of the regular needs for pets to keep them clean, well-groomed, and beautiful. Most of the animals found by animal shelters come in dirty and unkempt fur. Grooming equipment is one of the necessities on the list of things to donate to animal shelters. Grooming equipment that you can donate, for example, combs, nail clippers, hair clippers, etc.

3. Things to donate to animal shelters – Furniture

Pet furniture can be expensive, so you can donate pet furniture such as dog beds, pillows, or mats. Another option is to buy them pads with cooling or heating to provide more comfort to the animals in the animal shelters.

4. Flea prevention and treatment

Most animals taken to shelters often have fleas and they require treatment. Treatment of fleas needs to be done as soon as the animals arrive at the shelter to prevent infection and transmission to other animals in the shelter. This means that they are always in need of flea treatment products. Purchase a flea treatment product and donate it to an animal shelter.

5. Things to donate to animal shelters – Nursing bottles

Not all of the animals in the shelter are big dogs or cats. Some puppies or kittens still need nursing bottles. You can donate a few nursing bottles to a pet shelter. These places often provide homes for puppies or kittens that were abandoned by their owners or other abandoned animals.

Pet shelters always need our help and support. Even though we can’t help with adopting a pet, you can help them by giving things to donate to animal shelters. The money or goods you donate can ease some of the pressure on animal shelter administrators because they are usually on a tight budget.

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