How to Get Research Grants For Women in Science

Research Grants For Women in Science – Nowadays there are more and more women in the field of science comparing to the last few decades. One of the encouragements for them to enter the field is the availability Research Grants For Women in Science of various research grants for women in science. These research grants are provided and funded by the federal government, states government as well as various non-profit organization and community that looks to encourage gender equality and giving more chance to women to participate in the field of science. As mentioned before there are many available research grants for women in science. Here in this article, we will provide a list of the research grants based on information from and to help interested applicant to find one specific grant that applies to her situation.   research-grants-for-women-in-science

List of Research Grants For Women in Science

We also provide links that will direct you to a page that will provide more information as well as the way to apply for the grants. Here is the list:

American Society for Microbiology

The institution offering research grants for women in science with the title “Career Development Grants for Postdoctoral Women”. This grant is awarded for postdoctoral women with exceptional accomplishment in science as well as has the potential for research in the microbiology field. For application and further information you can visit this website: American Society for Microbiology –

Anita Borg Early Career Award (USA and Canada Women)

Known as BECA, this grant is available for a woman in engineering or computer science who has contributed significant research output in these fields. If you want to get this grant, you must be an individual who are a woman, and you have the capability in the field of computer science or engineering. Besides, you must be in a beginning of your career, with less than 8 years of post-PhD faculty member or researcher cooperated with an institution, a government lab, or an industry lab in the United States or in Canada. This grant is an annual award, and for the upcoming nominations will be closed on January, 30th, 2024.

Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB)

The institution offering a research grant for their female members with excellent achievement in biological science. FASEB is a federation based on scientific societies, with the concern on advanced health and also well-being. It works by promoting research and supporting education related to biological and biomedical sciences. The federation has collaborative advocacy and other services to help their societies and members.

Nature Awards for Inspiring Women in Science

This grant is available for women researchers in all over the world. This award is the collaboration of The Estée Lauder Companies. For the awardee, they have to make substantial scientific research achievements, demonstrate their potential to support their research groups independently, and contribute mentoring to other women researchers. This grant is only for the awardee with doctoral degree for the past 10 years (PhD or MD), along with non-tenured positions. The grant is available with 50,000 USD, and the awardee must attend to the award ceremony, located in London. The application will be closed on 8th, April 2024.

NSF (National Science Foundation)

The foundation offering a research grants for women in science with the title “ Research in Gender Science and Education”  The purpose of this program is to encourage women’s participation in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education through support on their research, research dissemination, and other educational services. For more information about this research grants for women in science visit this URL:

The Computer Science Research Conference Scholarships

One of the organizations that support this program is the Association for Computing Machinery, known as ACM. It is for the women, both undergraduate and graduate students who has been taking Computer Science and other relevant programs. This scholarship offers about 600 USD for the intra-continental conference travel. Also, you can get up to 1200 USD for the intercontinental conference travel. The authorities will assess the candidates for six times per year. If you want to apply for this scholarship, this application will be closed every 15th of February, April, June, August, October, and December.

Jeannette Rankin Foundation Women’s Education Fund

This grant has the main purpose to encourage women to pursue their undergraduate education despite their financial difficulty. The targets to receive this grant are women with low income, and at least thirty years old of age. For further information about this grant, you can visit the foundation website at URL:

Hanna H. Gray Fellows Program

The Howard Hughes Medical Institute, known as HHMI provide some fundings for this program. The goal is to support diversity, especially in the field of sciences and biomedical research. If you want to apply for this program, you must be the underrepresented groups in the sciences. In addition, you may be working in the life sciences or biomedical sciences, such as evolutionary biology, computational biology, biomedical engineering, chemical biology, and many more. As the applicant, you must have achieved your doctoral studies. It can be PhD, MD, or the equivalent degrees and you must get the degree by the beginning of the grant period, and you do not have over 18 months of postdoctoral research experience. If you are a US citizen, you must have your degree from the US or international research educational institution. The fellowship offers 80,000 USD salary together with 20,000 USD of research expenses for two to four years. If you can get a tenure-track faculty position at one of US research institutions, then you can take a transition to a faculty phase of the program.

Society for Women Engineers (SWE) scholarships

The institution offering scholarships for women as part of its national educational activities. Each year SWE gives over 70 individual scholarship awards, the number of scholarships varied from $1000 to over $10,000 per year in a total of more than $250,000 per year. The website for this scholarship is

AWIS or Association for Women in Science Educational Foundation

This foundation offering educational grants for women to study in the field of physical, behavioral, life or social science as well as engineering program. Each year the foundation awarded five to ten grants. For more information about this research grants for women in science and how to apply, you can visit the foundation website at


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