Scholarships for Sylvan Learning Center

Scholarships for Sylvan Learning Center – We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the Sylvan Learning Center scholarship, therefore we decided to take a deeper look into this. This learning center was started back in 1979, so it has a fairly old history. There are many parents get their children to study here hoping that this place can stimulate and encourage them to excel in their study.

Today, the company has established more than 1000 learning centers in North American area. The Sylvan learning center is famous for its math, writing and reading tutor. They are also famous for the ACT and SAT preparation. However, since this is a private company it is obvious that the price of their service is relatively high. Is there any financial assistance for Sylvan Learning Center?


Sylvan Learning Center Financial Aid

National Learning Center Scholarship

A few years ago the Sylvan Learning Center provides a scholarship contest for their students. At the time, the grand prize winner won $10,000; first prize winner earned $5,000; and more than 40 students received scholarships ranging between $1,800 and $2,000. Unfortunately, the program was not an annual program. Currently, the Sylvan Learning Center has no scholarship information available on their website.

Regional Learning Centers

Although we did mention that the official national Sylvan Learning Center don’t provide current scholarship, you may find better luck by visiting your local Sylvan Learning Center. For your information, this learning center works in a franchise system. Hence, there may be some differences of policy between each branch. We recommend contacting the local Sylvan learning center and ask if there’s some kind of financial assistance available for the students. Most of the branches will say that there’s no financial assistance aside of the flexible student loan, but some may have opportunity for selected students.

Some of the branches that we know of that offer such program are at Keene, New Hampshire; Cumberlands, Tennessee; Zephyrhills, Florida, etc. It is important to know that the funding source mostly comes from donation and silent auction, so the money may not be available annually. The assistance is also available only for low-income students with excellent academic capabilities. Typically, the money is used to cover a third of the total curriculum of the students.

Aside of the donation-based scholarship awards, there may be other financial assistance available for this school coming from the government. Depending on the location, some regional Sylvan Learning Centers are registered as providers for some of the government programs that are aimed for education. For example, a few years back in Ohio State there are several learning centers that are eligible to receive funding from the Ohio’s Autism Scholarship Program (


When we’re talking about the Sylvan Learning Center’s financial assistance, we cannot help to notice that there are not many options available for the students. The scholarships are typically offered by some branches of the learning center in some location, although it is quite rare. We highly recommend you visit the Sylvan Learning Center to ask for questions related to the much needed financial aid.


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