How to Receive Grants for Laptops for College Students?

Getting free computers or laptops can be a daunting task. But, if you are searching for free grants for laptops for college students, then we can help you with that!

For those heading to college shortly, there is no doubt that the first thing you will need for your further studies is a computer or laptop. Even after having crappy computer labs in your classes and college libraries, laptops are extremely important as they have become a piece of essential equipment for college studies, in the present time. Being a portable device, laptops can be extremely helpful to complete college assignments and other study-related work, anytime and anywhere, without any hassle.

So if you’re attending college soon and already have concerns about paying for tuition and housing fees, then finding laptop grants for college students can be a big help for you, along with assisting you to save a considerable amount of money.


Best grants for laptops for college students

Here are some programs that you should definitely look into to know about the grants for laptops for college students. Also, make sure to keep the criteria in mind!

Chickasaw Nation Higher Education

The Chickasaw Nation provides ready-to-operate laptop computer systems to selected students who are eligible for the grant, through its scholarship program.

As of 2010, the laptop provided had a 250-gigabyte hard drive, a Windows Vista operating system, a DVD/RW drive with 8 times the speed, an integrated WLAN card, and two megabytes of RAM. However, to get the grant, students must be enrolled in the Chickasaw Nation and attend college full-time. Along with this, you must understand that any selected students can only receive one laptop during their college careers.

The Chickasaw Nation also offers various other scholarship programs that can cover everything from tuition and textbooks to new clothes.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation (MCWTF)

The Michigan Council of Women in Technology Foundation offering free laptops to eligible women of the society. To apply for the grant, the applicant must be a legal resident of Michigan as well as should have at least a 2.8 GPA. Also, women can be college freshmen, current undergraduate, or graduate students.

The council offers three grants each year that are helpful in covering student expenses for a laptop computer, a printer, and any required software. The student must be pursuing a degree in technological fields such as graphic design, information systems, computer science, or software engineering. The application packet needs to include a letter of recommendation along and a statement or resume of related work experience.

MCWTF also offers other general scholarships for college students as well as research grants to eligible female students.

Carolina Computing Initiative

The students applying for this grant must fill out a FAFSA form along with the College Board’s CSS Profile. Students who have earned a bachelor’s degree or have previously attended UNC are not eligible for the grant.

The Carolina Computing Initiative is a program of the University of North Carolina, on the Chapel Hill campus. Fresh UNC students with financial needs are eligible for getting free laptops.

Technology for the Future

It may be annoying for some that “Technology for the Future” has a strict and lengthy application process. But they believe in our current and future generations and offering them the most useful technology assistance.

Get Refurbished Computers

In case you are not getting any grants offering new laptops, then you can also look for grants that provide recycled laptops for free!


This is a charity-based organization that runs throughout Nationwide UK as well as Ireland. They offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to collect, IT equipment, and delete or destroy certified data. The refurbished computers will be distributed to schools to help disadvantaged communities in Ireland, Haiti, and East Africa.

CCL North

This company provides IT equipment refurbishment and reuse, equipment resale and revenue returns for people of the society.

Digital Growth

It is one of the best options as a nonprofit organization that serves a large number of people. It provides refurbished computers from donors, and they sell them at low cost to individuals, small community organizations, charities, and schools around the world. They have a free pick-up service in mainland Britain.

RCS Recycling

If you are living in Berkshire, you can seek help from this company as it offers secure disposal of redundant, unwanted, and obsolete IT along with office equipment. They usually redeploy most working equipment in local charities. For more information, you can call on 01753 818283.

Computer Aid International

Computer Aid International is an organization based charity, offering computers to NFP organizations. They aim to assist in the development of the world. It works with a complete decommissioning service, especially around UK business as well as individuals including, asset tracking, WEEE compliance, and data wiping.


This nonprofit company for Cambridge shire, reuse, recycle, and then recover IT equipment. These recycled pieces of equipment can then be used for nonprofit organizations and other charities.

Environmental Computer Recycling and Removals

This company can be a big help for someone who is looking for free laptops and computers. They provide a commercial recycling and IT disposal solution that deals with unwanted computers as well as other telecom equipment. This organization helps other organizations and charities to get free laptops that can be distributed in society.

The conclusion –

Nowadays, laptops are one of the essential tools for college students. From making presentations to reading notes, everything requires a laptop. Every college student will agree with the fact that having no laptop can make the process of learning more complicated and hard. But since not every college student comes from a wealthy family, there are grants and programs that help to get free laptops for college students.

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