Ramadan Donations in USA – Things You Must Know

Ramadan donations in the USA can help Muslims who immigrate to the United States or even the poor. There are many Muslims from different countries such as China, Afghanistan, Iran, India, and others affected by conflicts. When you donate, it means you can help their lives.

Since Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, it is the best time for spiritual growth, charity, and for self-reflection. Charity is what you need to extinguish sin, the same way how water extinguishes fire.

For Muslims all over the world, Ramadan is the time when they observe fasting from dawn to dusk, do extra prayers, and share generously with the poor. During Ramadan, all good deeds will be multiplied.


Why Muslims Should Donate During Ramadan

When we talk about Ramadan, it is about the best way to make this month different from the ones before. Muslims start having more worship and start connecting with their family and friends.

It is because Ramadan is a full month of blessings. Giving donations and charity in this is one of the greatest ways to support others. Your contributions will bring the most impact and the best way is to plan.

Here are the reasons why Muslims must plan Ramadan charity and donations:

It gives you the fullest rewards

Ramadan is a special month in the Islamic calendar. It is the right time for good deeds to get more blessings. It is also important for Muslims to take this moment.

When you have a plan for Ramadan charity, including Ramadan donations in the USA, you need to determine the amounts and the ways of the distribution of your contributions. It is also helpful for you to get the greatest reward from Allah SWT.

Having a pure, strong intention or niyyah for your Ramadan charity and donation means that you will have the plan to give. Also, it is good to know that Allah SWT loves to reward your sincerity. This strong intention of planning will come back to you in the form of inner strength and blessings.

It helps you spread Ramadan Charity across different causes

Besides, donations in the USA, especially for the month of Ramadan, including Zakat, you can make a plan for your Ramadan charity to include in emergency causes.

For example, you want to contribute to your charity during Ramadan for education or food security, or you can contribute to any sponsoring orphans. Furthermore, you can start ongoing charity after Ramadan.

How to Give Donations in the USA during Ramadan

When you want to give donations in the USA during this holy month, here are some ways to do so:


What is Zakat? It is an obligatory charity for Muslims. They have to pay 2.5 percent of their annual savings per year. It does not mean that you must pay zakat only during Ramadan. Muslims also can pay it at any time of the Islamic year.

So, if you do not want to wait until Ramadan, it is possible to donate your Zakat right now. But it is good to know that Zakat is your instrument to rehabilitate people, financially. You can give your donation right now if you have not paid your Zakat.


Sadaqah is a voluntary act of giving alms. The idea about Sadaqah is to give without asking return, with the intention only for Allah SWT.

At this time, there are millions of people worldwide who are struggling to solve their financial problems. Therefore, you can help them recover from their financial matter by donating as much as you can do as sadaqah.

Zakat al fitr

The greatest celebratory event based on the Islamic calendar is Eid ul Fitr. Muslims must pay Fitrana at the end of Ramadan. It is also known as Zakat-ul-Fitr. If Muslims want to get love and closeness to Allah SWT, then they must help out people in need. Ramadan Donations in the USA in the form of Zakat al Fitr can make other people smile during their troubled times.

Ramadan Donations in the USA – Where to Donate

With Ramadan donations in the USA, your donation will bring a significant impact on the people in need. Here are where to donate for Ramadan in the USA:

Transparent Hands

Transparent Hands believe that it is very important to give back to the community. In this holy month of Ramadan, this non-profit organization has a strong commitment to providing healthcare for underprivileged communities, especially in Pakistan.

This organization also helps a lot if you want to give Zakat, one of the most important forms of charity during Ramadan. Zakat is important to purify your wealth and soul. It means you will give a portion of your accumulated wealth to people who meet certain criteria.

CAIR California

CAIR-CA supports immigrants in the United States by providing free legal services for immigrants. Furthermore, CAIR-CA also helps immigrants to get work permits so they can become self-sustaining and engage with society.

This organization also supports the young generation to improve their leadership skills. CAIR-CA has Youth Leadership programs to support young American Muslims, of all ages to build their confidence, get mentorship, and get education about leadership. Surely for this program, they also open the donation.

CAIR-CA also has a big concern about civil rights, especially for American Muslims to deal with Islamophobic entities. Therefore, they support the community and the right to deal with unlawful surveillance, school bullying, religious discrimination, hate crimes, and so on. They use donations for this case, as well.

Muslim Hands

Starting from collecting money, medicine, and clothes for the people of Bosnia during the Bosnian War back in 1993, this small team of volunteers has grown into an international agency and NGO to help deal with emergencies in the world. Besides, Muslim Hands have established long projects such as health clinics, schools, and livelihood programs.

As an international aid agency, Muslim Hands is a legal charity with Charity Registration Number. Besides, Muslim Hands also battle poverty worldwide.

MATW Project

During Ramadan, many families are struggling because they have no access to food and it is even hard to break their fast. With your donation, MATW Project can give iftar meals to people in need. This is important to help them, so they do not go hungry during Ramadan.

By supporting this program, you will bring a positive impact, especially on the less fortunate people. You can help them observe their obligation in this holy month. Additionally, your donation will provide nourishing iftar meals for the children, the seniors, and the families in need.

Islamic Relief USA

For millions of Muslims, Ramadan is the best time of reverence, reflection, patience, charity, and prayer. So, it is more than just the holy month for fasting.

Unfortunately, there are many families in need. Therefore, your donations will be so powerful for them. When you donate, you will also fulfill your obligations and help reduce their burden of struggling.

Islamic Relief USA needs your donation for food aid. It is the biggest concern for this organization. The packed food contains important vitamins and nutrients to feed vulnerable families all over the world.

This year, with your help, the organization is working to give food aid to almost 300,000 people. You can donate $100 to support the suffering brothers and sisters in the world with essential food items. Asides from packaged food, Islamic Relief USA also opens donations for Fidya or Kaffara.

If you think that it is hard to find trusted charity organizations, make sure that you spend your time researching non-profit organizations carefully. This way will make your donation is in the right hands.

Your charity during Ramadan is very powerful. Here are what you should know about a good charity organization to choose from:

  • Transparent – Make sure that the organization is transparent about the way they collect the donations and the way they give the donations.
  • Have very few administrative expenses.
  • If possible, the organization should eliminate the need for a donation for the middle entities.

Other Ways to Give Donations in the USA during Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month in the Islamic religion. Muslims all over the world come together to act good deeds and practice all kinds of worship in the name of Allah Almighty.

If you want to act good deeds in this blessed month, here are some other ways to give donations:

Contact your family and friends

Islam comes with explicit rules about family and friends. They are the closest unity for any individual. It is why Islam has a big priority to be generous to family and friends.

Be kind to them, and give your hands to help them whenever they need it, show your full support, and stay united by sharing kindness and goodness. Those are the examples of having good deeds and Allah grants you a great reward.

Donate Groceries

Based on Islam law, giving full support to all Islamic communities and its member is very important. Islam teaches us to come hand-in-hand, where rich Muslims can support the vulnerable brothers and sisters in Islam.

By donating groceries, low-income families can get their basic needs of groceries so they also can enjoy a decent meal during Iftar. Here are some ways to donate groceries:

  • Call the local grocery stores or supermarkets. Make a donation plan with them and invite them to participate.
  • Spread the word online. You can take the advantage of using social media platforms.
  • Create donation communities and groups among your family members, colleagues, and friends at work to buy groceries needed for low-income families. You can deliver the donations to those families.
  • Buy groceries, and then give them to the low-income families you know to help them feel the joy of Ramadan.


Volunteering is donating your time so you can help others. It is also the form of Sadaqah. Imagine that you can donate your time to become a volunteer in a charitable project during Ramadan! You will get great rewards from Allah SWT.

Volunteer is very important during Ramadan. There are many charities overloaded with their charity work. Therefore, giving your hands to help a local Islamic center or masjid, is a great way to save time and keep the workflow. You will help them to distribute food and meal which is very helpful for families in need. So, they can enjoy proper meals to complete their Iftar and Sahur.

Give to Community Iftar

The Prophet SAW encouraged Muslims to feed fasting Muslims even though they only have water and one date. It means that a great deed is very important to help others break their fast. Allah will multiply the reward of your fast, Masha Allah.

Donating Books to Masjid Library

Do you have Islamic teachings, copies of the Holy Qur’an, or maybe books of Sunnah? You can donate it to a Masjid’s library to help other Muslims learn more about the Islamic religion.

This kind of donation allows people to get more resources to read and learn about Islam. It also means that you will get a great reward from the only God, Allah SWT.

Donate Blood

Donations in the USA are also available when you want to donate blood. It is also one of the forms of Sadaqah and it has an important role to save people’s lives.

Donate to Refugee

Ramadan is the month of Muslims, it is the time to come hand-in-hand to support, lift, and help one another, and support those needy. Therefore, we should donate to the vulnerable Muslims in camps or on borders, our sisters and brothers in Islam, the widows, the refugee families, and orphans.

Donate to Schools and Students

One of the best donations in the USA you can give is donating to students and schools. For example, you can provide school supplies or provide students with other necessities to complete their education.


If you want to give Ramadan donations in the USA, all good deeds are called Sadaqah. Whether you want to give to your fellow brothers or other vulnerable Muslims, Allah will grant you the best reward.

You can give financial donations, even a small amount of money, spread knowledge, provide sincere advice, share food, give a helping hand, and smile at other people also known as Sadaqah.