Scholarships for People with Glasses 2015

Scholarships for People with Glasses fall into the unusual scholarship category. This may be surprising for some people, but there are actually several scholarships that are designed specifically for people with glasses or eye contacts.

Students who have glasses are often bullied by some irresponsible bullies by calling them unwanted names. But don’t let those people get you down! Having glasses can actually help you to get into college, which is a fact most people aren’t aware of.


Scholarships for People with Glasses

Scholarships For People With Glasses Opportunities

Below are some of the scholarships opportunities that are made for people who have glasses in United States:

The Replace My Contacts Scholarship

This scholarship provides $1,000 that can be used to help you to cover your educational cost. What’s great about this scholarship is that the eligibility process is determined by a short essay (500 words) about your experience using glasses or contact lenses. Of course, having good grades will increase your possibility to receive the scholarship.

The Council of Citizens with Low Vision International Scholarships

There are three scholarship programs available from this council, all aimed at students who are aiming to get a degree from a college. Each year, there are three students who are picked in each program and receive $3,000 scholarship each.

  • Fred Scheigert Scholarship Program

To be eligible for this scholarship, you have to be a senior student in high school who are planning to pursue an undergraduate degree. Your vision acuity should be 20/70 or lower, with minimum GPA score of 3.2. You also need several other academic requirements, which include a letter of acceptance from the future college, certified transcript, verification of low vision and two letters of recommendation.

  • Sam Genensky Video Magnification Award

If you are a student need CCTV or similar devices for your education, you may be eligible for this scholarship. The scholarship program was started to honor Dr. Sam Genensky, which is the inventor of the CCTV.

  • The Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship Program

The Carl Foley Graduate Scholarship Program is available for both people with and without glasses. The important thing is that they are graduate students who are pursuing a degree in the field of low vision. To be eligible for this scholarship program, you have to apply directly through your college or school. It is important to note that currently the program is being evaluated by the CCVI. That said, we recommend you to contact your school office and ask whether you can still apply for this program.

Other Scholarships

There’s a $500 scholarship program available from Visine Brand. Visine is a popular brand for eye drops. The student needs to show their ‘vision’ to move forward in life through education. There’s no particular statement about the student has to have glasses, but we are sure that people with glasses are preferred.

The Contact Lens & Glasses Scholarship is available for both college students and high school seniors. You have to be or plan to be a full-time student in the undergraduate college. The award amount for this scholarship is $1,000. To be eligible for the college scholarships for student with glasses, the student has to submit a short essay along with the application form.

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