How Much Do You Get For Donating Eggs And Best Places To Try

Donating eggs is more than just a donation you can do. It is a form of fertility treatment. If you are qualified and you have a young healthy woman’s egg, you can produce embryos which will be transferred to the recipient woman’s uterus. The goal is to establish her pregnancy. It means that you are the key to making another woman have a pregnancy and it is a valuable help. If you ask about how much do you get for donating eggs, of course, each agency has different value to offer.

After the pregnancy, the next responsibility goes to the recipient to give birth to the baby. Your donation is done. Basically, there are two different donor programs. The first is the standard donor program with fresh donor eggs and the second is Eco Donor Egg Program (EcoDEP) a unique program with frozen donor eggs, can you imagine?


Best Places to Try Donating Eggs

  1. Egg Donation Inc.

They are glad if you have any interest to become their Egg Donor! It means that you help people’s dream to become a parent. It is a valuable help for those who have to struggle with infertility.

The process is simple. First, you have to apply and they will decide your approval by reviewing your health. Next, the recipient requests you and select you. Then, the egg donation will be started and the embryo will be implanted.

For each year, it is more than 10,000 women apply to be a donor to follow their program which means that many of their egg donors donate multiple times.

How much you will get?

The approved donors will be compensated for about 6,500 dollars and the highest is 15,000 dollars.

To register, you can go here:

Avaialble in: Asian, Indian and Los Angeles

For more information, contact them below:

Egg Donation,Inc.

15821 Ventura Blvd.Suite 625

Encino,CA 91436

Phone: 818.385.0950

Fax: 818.385.0951

  1. Center For Human Reproduction (CHR)

This program has developed its reputation as the fertility center of last resort dedicated to women, especially those with severely diminished ovarian reserve or low functional ovarian reserve, difficult cases of infertility such as failed fertility treatments as well as a recommendation for donor eggs. Their expertise will treat women with diminished ovarian reserve either because of premature ovarian aging or advanced maternal age. It means that this treatment is only the last resource. They believe in all reasonable treatment options, especially for couples and women so they have a chance to have their own informed decisions about the treatment to pursue.

They serve patients worldwide.

Here is to contact:

(212) 994-4400 – (212) 933-5700

21 E. 69th Street New York, NY 10021, USA


If you want to donate, there is a compensation you get. They provided an innovative egg donation fee structure that will be fair for donors and recipients. Based on their program, it depends on the number of eggs you can produce so you will get the potential bonus even for more than 14,000 dollars in total egg donor compensation.

In most egg donor programs, donors are commonly compensated with the same range of fees from 5,000 dollars to 10,000 dollars regardless of the number of eggs they can produce.

It is important to know that the egg donors who will donate the eggs in this program will be guaranteed about 8,000 dollars for a donation cycle; in case they can produce about 10 mature oocytes at least. Of course, if the amount is less than that, how much can you get for donating your eggs will be reduced.

  1. West Coast Egg Donation

This service is located in Southern California and they work proudly with donors around the United States. Their egg donors will get a base payment starting at about 7,000 dollars and then it will go up depending on the donation frequency together with the egg quality. They believed that all egg honors are special people and the compensation is given as a gift because you deserve to get it.

To donate, you can apply it here.

They also provide their complete compensation schedule. It doesn’t matter if you have a big question about this donation, they will answer everything with pleasure.

To start the compensation, both the donors and recipients signed the agency agreement and then the recipients will pay all the required fees, legal fees, medical screening in donor travel expenses as well as donor psychological screening fees. The remaining payments will be paid two weeks to the start of the IVF medications.

For more details, you can contact them here:

West Coast Egg Donation

Main Office

6 Venture

Suite 395

Irvine, CA 92618

949-861-4800 Phone

949-861-4141 Fax

877-492-7411 Toll-Free (U.S. Only)

  1. CAREfertility

Their idea to open this program is because one thing that not all women can use their own eggs, especially for fertility treatment. Therefore, help from egg donors is the final way. You can be one of their egg donors if you want to make a difference and then choose to support other women who need to grow their families.

Because of your help, time, and kindness, they will compensate you about 750 pounds for each donation cycle.

To donate, you have to be under 36 and aware of your family history. You also shouldn’t have any known genetic issues. Once you meet these criteria, of course, you can participate to donate your eggs.

They will do a medical assessment with blood tests and ultrasound scans to make sure that you are suitable as an egg donor. Because it is about something personal and important decision, they will support you with their experienced counselors. They will talk to you, especially about the ethical implications of egg donation. You can tell them all about your thoughts and worries.

The consultation will be started and then they will start the process to stimulate your ovaries with daily injections for three to four weeks. You also have to sign their consent form to grant permission for them to collect your eggs, what they would like to do with your eggs, and others.

So, how much money do you get for egg donation depends on the program itself. Some give you high cost, but some have standards just like others. Therefore, it is important to find the best place to start this donation.