How Much Money Do You Get For Donating Plasma And Should I Donate Mine?

How Much Money Do You Get For Donating Plasma – It is hard to find good people with great kindness. We think that it is okay to have a reason that you want to donate plasma just because you need the money for something important. Some people don’t think that it is not a good way to start earning money since the fact about many diseases from plasma biotherapies may occur, undeniable. But, for those who have to deal with financial issue, this program helps them a lot.

The advantage is that the donation centers can be found around the country such as Virginia, Washington, New York, Chicago, Florida, Wisconsin and more. So, basically how much money do you get for donating plasma? This is the main question and the answer is… it depends! Each time you donate your plasma, of course there will be several different factors to determine the fee you get. The biggest reason is about the donation center you are involved.


Major Centers Around The City And How Much They Pay

Here is the list about few major centers to start donating your plasma around the country and we give you the complete information about the fee they will give you to as your compensation.

  1. Biomat USA (Grifols)

It works for you if you want to donate your plasma and they will compensate you about 40 dollars for the first time you want to donate. Next time if you do, they will provide 60 dollars. Of course that there is waiting period so you have to wait several days before you can donate in another round.

  1. Biolife Plasma

If you want to join in this program, they will give you 40 dollars for the first two donations and the CSL Plasma will give you about 50 dollars.

  1. OctaPharma

For each of your first five donations, the OctaPharma will give you 50 dollars. But, some centers can give you about 75 dollars for your first donation and 50 dollars for other five visits.

  1. CSL Plasma

Join this plasma donation that will give you points for every successful donation and you can redeem for cash as well as other prizes.

  1. BPL Plasma (Bio Products Laboratory)

The compensation program gives donor about 250 dollars for five visits which means about 50 dollars for each visit (from time to time, you do and have specialty plasma donation program and you will get paid more).

  1. Talecris Plasma Center

How much money do you get for donating plasma from this program? It gives you quite high which can reach about 60 dollars for your first donation and next is 50 dollars and then about 30 to 40 dollars for the following weeks.

In other word, you can get about 40 dollars if you are one of the plasma donors and it is not bad because you can earn it in just 30 minutes or so.

So, how they will pay you?

The plasma centers will pay you in cash or write checks to compensate you. Some may have more modern ways such as using Money Cards just like Debit Cards.

If you finished the donation, the nurse will scan your plasma donation bag completed with your identification details. Then, the fee will automatically be credited to your account. Besides, some plasma donation centers might give you ATMs service which helps you to check your balance immediately.

The money cards from CSL Plasma also has My Visa Z rewards so you can earn points as well as redeem for prizes like MP3 downloads, coupons along with cashback.

The amount of cash also depends on where the states you are donating. It because each state has different laws on minimum donor pay received. It means that you might receive different value if you donate in Illinois and in California. For example, if you donate in Illinois, the minimum pay is about 5 dollars per donation hour and since most donations take more than 1 hour, it will be more than 5 dollars. In California, it is one of the highest paying states if you want to be a donor there which will help you to earn about 35 dollars first and 45 dollars for the second time.

Donating plasma is different from donating blood

After you have drawn blood, the plasma will be separated and the remaining blood will be returned to you as the donor by centrifugation. To make sure that you are in good condition, you have to wait at least 4 months between the red blood cell donations. You can donate as frequently as twice in a week but it should be about 48 hours of the waiting period.

The paid plasma donation is the same as another automated donation process. The donation is important. If you refuse to donate, many people will die. The plasma is important for those who have to survive from leukemia as well as other immune disorders.

Some donors keep donating their plasma to get more money. Believe it or not, you can make more than 300 dollars per month just by donating plasma. You can get more if you become a regular donor to the Center.

If you are eligible, donating plasma is not a wrong thing. If you are a potential donor but doesn’t meet the requirement of height and weight in the protocol, they might still buy your plasma. It is because you are still acceptable to use automated technology in order to donate one unit of your red blood cells or your platelet donation.

Why you have to donate your plasma?

The goodness is you help many people, but the beneficial part is about the payment. The amount you can earn of course depends on the current needs of the donor pool but they might give you from 20 to 50 dollars per donation as the highest payment and they give it twice a week.

We can say that your plasma is more than just cash. It is a potential recue serum that is truly important for patients with immune therapy to do.

Those are all about the information related to how much money do you get for donating plasma.