How To Get Philanthropist Giving Away Money

Philanthropist Giving Away Money – It sounds almost impossible to get something for free, since everything is about money. Nothing is free. On the other sides, right now it is available to get giving away money for thousands of people per day. This program is done by philanthropist community. They don’t require you to do something for them like a transaction, but basically it they show you how you can get free cash grant.

You can use the grants for medical bills, living expenses, tax bills, debt repayment as well as legal services. For people who have any financial issues, philanthropist community has good heart to give you a grant even more than 250,000 dollars for business, more than 50,000 dollars for education grants and more than 200,000 dollars for pell grants.


How To Impress Philanthropist to Get Free Cash

Follow these steps to get free cash grants.

  1. Focus on your need.

If you want to participate, be sure that you know what you need. Therefore, it is important to focus. Are you going to use it for your business? Do you want to register in your favorite university? Do you need the cash for your medical needs? Well, it is recommended to make a list about your important needs so the cash grant from philanthropists can end all your complex issues. To be accepted, you have to identify about the relevant need that cannot be solved in other ways.

  1. Get benefactor

It is a must to find a benefactor. Internet is not enough to provide a wealth of information about the one that you want to approach to get free personal cash. It is better for you to approach some foundations that also specialize in your needs. So, don’t even limit yourself to one source only.

  1. Approach all the cash grants offering

You don’t even know which agency that will give positive response to your philanthropist giving away free money. You can check out Federal Pill Grants that is done by Government. Although it is a grant for education, but you can claim for multitude needs. Once you cover the criteria, you will receive it and you don’t have to repay it because it is not a loan.

  1. Use your situation very well

A great application is the key to success. There will be dozens of applications in a day that agencies will receive. Therefore, it is a must to make your application stands out among other. Keep everything brief and honest. You can outline your need and idea or tell them about your plan to use the money if you get the grant such as adding financial plan and budget list.

  1. Add brief explanation why you are applying this grant

Of course, the agencies have big curiosity why you are applying this grant and you have to add brief explanation for this grant. It is also important to give some reasons why this grant is crucial for you and why you must be approved. It is better to provide backup documentations starting from the tax documents, bank statements and other supporting information so that it can be the evidence about your statement.

  1. Keep trying

Just be positive, don’t give up. They might understand about your situation but cannot help yet. Don’t think that you will be rejected in all agencies. It is important to know why you were rejected so you can improve your free personal cash grant application in the future.

  1. Check out the basic criteria before applying the grant

You might be desperately creating a great application for this grant, but it is important to make sure that you should not be rejected just because you are not checking out the basic criteria given by those agencies. It is totally rejected if you are applying a grant that is out of your state and the one you applied is only for local grant.


MillionairesMoney, A Place To Get Philanthropist Free Money

MillionairesMoney is the right place for those who want to make a request of philanthropist grant. But, you have to follow their guidelines so that your application is acceptable.


  1. You must be 18 years old or older.
  2. Show your true need, not your want.
  3. Submit an application one time per 30 days.
  4. Submit a completed application.
  5. Complete the entire application process.
  6. Receive an award one time per house-hold
  7. Submit your request based on instructions, therefore read the request assistance page first.

Remember, they wouldn’t help you if you want 10,000 dollars to purchase a new house that you can afford and the rest is for your bills. Well, they don’t create this program just to pay your bills.

The case would be different if you are living with 2 children and you need a big help to buy them some clothes for the next school year. It is almost impossible for you to buy them some clothes because you were in a fire and in a big lost. You can tell in your application that you don’t how much you need.  If you are living in this condition, it is truly a need, not a want. The first stories don’t give any impression at all, but this story is different. You might get their help if you have this difficult situation.

When they have interest to help you, they will contact you to confirm and then verify about the truth, for example here is about the fire. They will discuss about your needs especially for the children. They might send gift cards so you can purchase clothes at Target or Wal-Mart or others.

The application process

About the application process, you will receive a complete questionnaire about your needs. You have to provide complete contact information such as the purpose, phone, name, email address and the amount you need. You also have to refer three family or friends to this website. To process your request, you can then clink the link.

It is important to know that this website runs all requests in 30 day cycles. If you make a request December 1 to December 31, your request will be reviewed and those who are accepted will get their award in January 1 to January 31.

The philanthropists in this site decided to give about 125 requests per month.

It is possible if you now make a request once for every month in case that your request was not accepted. You should not make more than one request in a month or in 30-day cycle because if you keep doing it, the system will delete all your requests automatically.

To start your request in MilionairesMoney, you can go here :

So, basically you have to be honest and brief if you want to get philanthropist giving away money. There are many agencies you can try. Just never give up trying. Good luck!

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