Autism Research Grants

Are you currently looking for Autism Research Grants? There are many to choose from, although you may have to compete with other researchers for the grant. In today’s post we are focusing on giving you the list of organizations in United States that provides such grant.

Autism spectrum disorders, known as ASD, are various group of conditions. The sign of ASD is the difficulty of social interaction or communication. Other signs may show atypical activities or behaviours, including difficulty to shift from one activity to another, show unusual reactions to sensations, and focus on details.

Some people with these disorders can live independently. However, others may show severe disabilities that they need life-long support. The signs of autism can be detected in the beginning of childhood.

List of Autism Research Grants

People with autism may have co-occurring conditions, including depression, attention, anxiety, and epilepsy, along with challenging behaviours such as self-injury or difficulty sleeping. The degree of intellectual functioning among people with autism can be different. It can be profound impairment or superior degree.

Here are some available list of research grants related to Autism:

OAR autism research grant competition

The OAR may be one of your choice when it comes to this type of grant. Each year, they provide two open grant competitions. The first one is for graduate students who are currently researching autism, and the second one is for professional researchers.

This is the most competitive program presented by OAR. Researchers can apply for one to two years of grants with the total funding $50,000.

There will be highly qualified professionals from their Scientific Council, and they are from autism community. This Scientific Council community will evaluate and recommend the most qualified research proposals based on three rounds of review; letters of intent, full proposal, and final selection.

Next, the Board of Directors will approve all the selected research proposals based on the recommendations from the Scientific Council. This application is now available.

For more information, go to

The Autism Science Foundation

The Autism Science Foundation support medical, graduate and post doctoral students by providing the Pre- and Postdoctoral Training Awards. These students have to propose a training that is scientifically linked to autism and closely related area. Although this is not exactly a grant, this may help you getting additional information and training required for your research.


Autism Research Grants

Autism Teacher’s Grants 2014/ 2015 School Year

Proposals are sought by SAN DIEGO AREA educators for educational tools, specialized curriculum and/or technology that enhance learning for their students with autism. Funding can be used by educators evaluating new teaching tools and methodologies. Funding will be distributed based on the following criteria; Impact; Reach; Immediacy; and Relevance.

NFAR Community Project Grants

The NFAR is focused on San Diego region. So if you live in San Diego and want to conduct autism research, you may apply for this grant. The grant amount is between $2,000 and $10,000. Of course, the research will have to be related to autism, especially the ones that aims to improve autism treatment. The application deadline for this autism research grant is at September. Your research should also be a 3-12 months project.

There’s one more grant coming from NFAR, but the so-called Autism Teacher’s Grants focuses on helping teachers in their activities that are related to autism, in the hope that this incentive can improve the autistic student’s experience in school. For more info about these two grants, you can visit

Texas Tech, Burkhart Center Autism Studies Scholarship

Available in Texas area, this organization offers scholarships for five Master students and one Doctoral students who are interested in conducting researches in the area of autism education.

Golfers Giving, Inc Scholarships

The Golfers Giving scholarship is available for students who are majoring in special education, including autism research. You have to be enrolled in an accredited college or university, and plan to pursue Bachelor’s degree, Post Graduate degree, or Associate degree. Your transcript should have B average score to pass the selection. In addition, you also need to write an essay on a selected topic and prepare two letters of recommendation. More information is at

SIMONS Foundation – SFARI

SFARI has been supporting for about 500 investigators all over the world, for the last 20 years. Their goal is to strengthen the understanding, diagnosis, and also treatment for all people with autism. What they have been doing is to provide significant amount of funding for the innovative and high-quality research related to autism.

For the past two decades, SFARI has brought a lot of discoveries and changes in this field with more new areas to investigate and new technologies to apply for the treatment. With this commitment, SFARI keeps finding more changes to make sure that the output of the research is impactful for the future.

The first request for application (RFA) of this grant in 2024 is available and it is due January 10. For more information about this autism grant, you can read this explanation:

Autism Speaks Grants

Next, we have Autism Speaks Grants that will fund research and services. The funding is for research findings related to life improvements today and offer some solution in the future.

This funding to offer providers with the concern on the program that help people with autism, social and educational experience. Autism Speaks Grants also offered some limited funding for personals and families in financial need because of natural disaster or catastrophic event.

This organization has a big commitment to collaborate with autism community to improve research. There are many choices of projects to choose. You can get more information about Autism Speaks Grants for autism research here:


With the support of extensive research for autism, we expect that there will be more new methods to demonstrate. From this research, we also can do something better to prevent anything related to the increase of autism cases in the world. There are still many other autism research grants opportunities available out there. All you need is just a little search. Good luck.


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