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Grant Writer Salary – Grant writer professionals are sought after these days, because the philanthropy trend is stronger than ever. Moreover, more and more people and organizations need sources of funding for many reasons. Most of the grants are distributed to non-profit organizations, and there are thousands of these kinds of organizations spread out across the United States.

With such fierce competition to get the grant, the existence of a grant writer is very important. Professionals in grant writing often work as full time or part-time development officers, independent contractors, or even freelancers. Grant writer is a fairly new career options, therefore the future of these professionals looks bright.

A professional grant writer should have various skills to support the profession. Some of the skills include writing, consulting, program planning, storytelling, evaluation, public relations, budgeting, research, and interviewing. They must be able to create a grant proposal that is compelling, interesting, touching, and reasonable, in order to gain bigger chance to get the funding.


Part Time Grant Writer Salary

Grant Writer Salary – Some Aspect to Consider

There are various aspects that affect the grant writer salary. Some of the most important aspects include level of education, years of experience, location, success rate and industry. Overall, the annual income for a grant writer varies greatly depending on these factors. Entry level grant writer may earn around $25,000 to $34,499 annually; while grant writers with more than five of experience may earn around $45,000 to $60,000 annually. In general, the rate of success is also an important factor. Grant writers with more experience and high success rate (50-75%) has better salary. has collected various data from various sources across the United States, and they have created the normal distribution chart for the grant writer annual salary in United States. According to their data, the typical grant writer is paid around $62,300 per year; which is higher compared to the data taken from our other sources. They mentioned that the number is a median number, which means that half of the grant writers receive less than $62,300, and the other half receive more than $62,300.

There are several ways that these professionals are paid. The grant writer may be paid monthly salary, project-based fees, hourly rate fees, or even flat rate fees. Usually the fees are determined by the complexity of the grant proposal. These professionals may also reap additional fees from consulting. There’s another payment option that we haven’t mentioned above, and that is percentage fee. This means that the grant writer salary is determined by the percentage of the approved grant. This percentage fee is unpopular, because there are many grant writers find it unethical, and there are several professional fundraising organizations that is against the idea.

So as you can conclude from our explanation above, grant writing is a very complex job, which fees and salary is very flexible, and is determined by various factors. The future looks bright, as long as you can give positive results. Organizations that are interested to use grant writers’ services should make a written contract so that there’s clear information about the grant writing salary and payment options, job description, etc.

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