Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

Before we provide you with some resources for grants for nonprofit organizations, it is very important that you know for sure that your organization is a nonprofit. A nonprofit organization in United States means that it does charitable work for the community, and it is registered with the State government and is exempted by the IRS tax.

It is a common assumption that getting a grant is easy for an organization, as long as they are a nonprofit organization. This is a wrong assumption, because you are competing with thousands other nonprofit organizations across the country to get the free financial funding. You need to invest a significant amount of thought, time, and effort in order to raise your chance of success.

In general, most of the grant providers are focused on a specific type of organization. For example, some grant providers will only provides the grant for environmental type nonprofit organizations, some provides support for educational program development, while some other provides grants for nonprofits that focus on a specific population i.e. children or women.


Government Grants Non Profit Organization

Preparing the nonprofit organization

The first and foremost requirement to get a grant for nonprofit organization is to prove that both your organization and work is needed by the community. You need to explain about the existing problems that need to be fixed, and why your organization method will work. Your organization should be healthy and is properly formed. For example, the organization should have appropriate tax status, capable management, fundraising plan, accounting systems, etc.

Finding Grants for Nonprofit Organizations

As we have mentioned earlier, grant providers vary greatly. You need to determine which category your organization fall into, judging from the funding needs and project goals. In general, there are two sectors offering grants; which are:

Government Agencies

Looking for a grant from government agencies is pretty simple and straightforward. All you have to do is to make a call to the possible local agencies that is related to your project and ask whether they are currently opening grant opportunities or not. Check three governmental levels for this kind of opportunities. It is common that besides the Federal grant program, there are additional grant program in State and/or Local government, so you should get in touch with them too.

More information can be obtained from:

  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance – List of US Government benefit programs, including grant opportunities for nonprofit organizations
  • is also a good source for federal grant opportunities for nonprofit organization.
  • for Nonprofits, by the U.S. General Services Administration is a good source of information for federal grants for nonprofit organization, families, personal, etc.

Grants Available to Non Profit Organizations

Foundations and corporations

There are thousands of foundations and corporations across the United States. Some of them offer grant programs, while some other don’t. How to find grants for nonprofit organizations from that huge list? There are several ways you can find possible grant opportunities from these foundations and corporations.

  • First, you should pay a visit to the Foundation Directory Online Professional Covers. This directory lists more than 120k foundations and corporate giving programs in US.
  • Second, try to go to Grantmakers’ association, which is a good source for grant providers
  • Alternatively, you can hit Google and look for information from there.

Google Ad Grants

For qualifying nonprofit groups, Google offers valuable tools. These include special access to Google’s services like Google Maps, YouTube Nonprofit Program, and Google Workspace for Nonprofits.

Additionally, they provide up to $10,000 in Google Ads credit each month. This credit can be used to enhance your nonprofit’s promotional activities. Utilize these ads to draw in donors, recruit volunteers, and raise awareness about your cause.

To qualify for Google Ad Grants, your organization must meet the nonprofit criteria set by your country. It’s important to note that government entities, hospitals, healthcare organizations, schools, and educational institutions are not eligible.

Walmart Foundation Community Grants

The Walmart Foundation offers grants to nonprofits that serve the communities where Walmart or Sam’s Club stores are located. These grants range from $250 to $5,000.

Your nonprofit can utilize these funds in different areas, including:

  • Boosting community and economic development
  • Promoting diversity and inclusion
  • Supporting education initiatives
  • Advancing environmental sustainability
  • Enhancing health and human services
  • Addressing hunger relief and promoting balanced eating
  • Strengthening public safety measures
  • Improving overall quality of life

Amazon Web Services IMAGINE Grants

AWS, or Amazon Web Services, provides its IMAGINE grant to nonprofits that leverage cloud technology to address global challenges. These grants can range from $30,000 to $150,000 in unrestricted financial support, along with up to $100,000 in AWS promotional credits.

To qualify for a grant, your organization must be a nonprofit with a 501(c) status. You must also show how technology plays a vital role in your projects, products, or services, and how you intend to use cloud services to advance your objectives.

Bank of America Charitable Foundation Grants

Bank of America offers grants to nonprofits aimed at enhancing financial well-being and addressing community needs. These grants focus on the following areas:

  • Workforce development and education
  • Food assistance
  • Housing support
  • Economic mobility initiatives
  • Community development projects

In smaller markets, grants typically range from $2,500 to $25,000, while in larger markets, they may range from $5,000 to $50,000.


Those are all you should know about grants for nonprofit organizations. Federal, state, and local governments offer grants to support nonprofit operations and administration. While the application process is rigorous and competitive, it typically does not involve any fees.

Corporate grants are provided by large companies, which often allocate a portion of their funds for annual nonprofit grants or offer credits for goods and services. For instance, Google Ad Grants provides eligible nonprofits with up to $10,000 per month.

Foundation grants originate from philanthropic organizations such as families, private groups, public groups, or community funds. These grants aim to support causes or nonprofits in a particular area or locale.

With a wide range of grant types available, there’s almost always an opportunity for your organization. Corporations and community foundations offer grants for various stages of your journey, whether you’re establishing your organization’s infrastructure or expanding your services. Whenever you aim to grow your organization or extend your reach to help more people, it’s worth checking for funding opportunities that can provide support.

Remember to take your time in writing the proposal. A successful grant is often started with a good grant proposal for nonprofit organizations. Equally important is adopting a strategic approach to selecting which grants to pursue and determining the timing of your applications. Conduct thorough research to ensure you don’t spend valuable time chasing grants that won’t align with your organization’s short-term or long-term goals.

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