Where to Apply Government Grants for Barber School

Today we’re talking about grants for barber school! Becoming a barber is an interesting career option chosen by many people. The possibility to become an individual entrepreneur and ability to work from home is two of the main reasons for this career’s popularity. However, to be an excellent barber you need to have some kind of training and education, which are usually found in a barber school. Graduating from a barber school will also make it easier for you to obtain your barber license. Note that all of the states in the U.S. require a barber to have a license.

Unfortunately, the tuition for barber school is not cheap (although it is still cheaper compared to going to college). Usually the training last for about nine months, and you will spend roughly around $10,000. Therefore, many are looking for grants for barber school to ease the financial burden to pay the school tuition, books, and other supplies.


Grants for Barber School: Federal, State and Organizations

The barber school grants are not as widely available in the US when compared to other grants. That being said, there are still some grants available for the students. The first thing to note is to check whether your current barber school is accredited and eligible for financial aid. You can ask the school’s financial aid office about this. If it does, then you should complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant programs are available for student with low income.

State and local government often offer grant for college students or trade school students, including barber school. Usually, there are some differences in each of the state’s policy about the grant program, so you might want to contact your state’s Department of Education and ask about the available program in your area. Some good examples for this are the Iowa Barber and Cosmetology Arts and Sciences Tuition Grant and the Oregon Opportunity Grant. Most of the state-based grants also require you to fill out your FAFSA form.

You can also try to find grants for barber school from professional organizations or businesses. These organizations/businesses try to encourage the students to start a career in a specific profession, which, in this case, is cosmetologists and barber. Below are some of the examples of this kind of grant:

Joe Francis Haircare Scholarship Foundation

This foundation gives out 19 scholarships every year for cosmetology students. Note that the scholarship is a need-based scholarship, so it is only natural that the students receiving the grants are coming from low-income families. http://www.joefrancis.com/

The National Coalition of Estheticians

This is a partnership program, and the association provides several grants and scholarships for students who study in the partnering cosmetology and esthetic schools. Check out their site to see whether your school is listed.

The American Association of Cosmetology Schools

The AACS scholarships and grants are available only for students who enroll in one of its members. The award varies between $500 and $1,000 for the eligible student. For more information on this, please contact your school office and ask whether your school is a member of the AACS or not. http://beautyschools.org/

There are still many other grants for barber school available out there, so don’t worry and just go with your choice!

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