How to Apply for Grants for Partnership Programs with Islamic Relief USA

Donating food, clothes, and necessary items to the needy is a good idea for society. But have you ever thought how about making it more potent by registering it with matching gifts?

Yes, you can donate and make it double with matching contributions from the Islamic Relief USA. In this blog, we will discuss the mission and vision of the non-profit Islamic Relief USA. Also, you will explore ways in which you can get grants applications from non-profit.

What is Islamic Relief USA?

The Islamic Relief USA is a community of different people from various walks of life with a common goal- to help the needy. It has multiple shared values, including sincerity, excellence, compassion, social justice, and custodianship.

Mission and Vision of the Islamic Relief USA

It aims to provide development and relief in the most dignified manner. It works regardless of race, gender, or religion to empower the individuals in their communities. Yes, the Organization works so that the needy people are well-off with a dignified life and voice in the world.

With the vision to work together for a poverty-free world, the Organization also offers U.S. Programs grant applications. Plus, you get International Grant Applications from the Islamic Relief USA.

The Organization is now looking to partner with the local non-profit. It is to establish their mission and vision into a reality. They review all the grants quarterly if it’s not an emergency grant in the current context. Generally, the non-emergency grants are accepted during January, April, July, and October.

S, here is the complete application process to get the grants from the Islamic Relief USA. But, before filling up all, here is a list of essential things to note and keep in mind for practical application.

Pre-Application Process Needs and Concepts

Remember to submit a project justification. Preferably, it should include the outline of project goals, objectives, goals, and the project’s expected impact on the people.

Secondly, you will be required to upload the following documents. So, we advise you to stay updated with the list as soon as possible. Here are the documents you will need to upload-

  • How a budget breakdown which has both direct and indirect costs
  • Staff information and organization summary
  • Non-governmental organization registration
  • Show the annual budget in Organization’s finances
  • Income statement organization’s policies, and balance sheet

They will inform you once they complete it after a funding decision gets in as per your concept note. After this, we come with the entire application process.

The entire application process with Islamic Relief USA

If the first concept note is approved, you will be able to apply fully for the grants. It will then move to Complete Application in the Grants Management System on their official website. Here is what you can expect to happen next-

You have to submit your complete proposal for grants, and it should include,

  • A risk assessment
  • A logical framework
  • Excellent implementation plan
  • Full budget
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan

After this, they will view your complete application. Plus, it will be approved by Islamic Relief USA before you make any payment to the Organization. So, yes, they will be providing legit grant agreement documentation. Indeed, this has to be complete before getting on for other processes.

Next, you will be completing the documentation and return it to the IRUSA before making the payments. Note that the span of finalization of the first payment and the agreement is generally ten weeks. Indeed, the Organization also offers U.S. programs grants. Here is a quick read about how you can apply to the same.

The U.S. Program Grants 2021: Islamic Relief USA

Interestingly, the 2021 U.S. grants applications are open now!

To complete the registration, follow the link to the official website-

Yes, you can start exploring the programs under– seasonal programs information.

Get straight for the seasonal programs is the total grants funds; only 15% is for administrative and operational costs. And 85% should be allocated for direct services that will benefit the public and the needy.

You can go ahead with projects like Ramadan Food Box PROJECT, Ramadan Food Pantry grant, Summer Food Service Program. Moreover, including the popular Day of Dignity, Qurbani Distribution, Milk Day of Service, and Turkey Distribution. Indeed, if you face any donation or application for the grants, the IRUSA team is highly responsive.


At last, partnering with such non-profits for the betterment of society is a good approach. And getting the grants to work well for the needy in the world is a way we can show compassion, resiliency, and contentment.

Get the grants process to start now with the Islamic Relief USA-