Breast Cancer Grants for Patients

We know a lot of people who are looking for breast cancer grants for patients. We understand the importance of getting a financial aid when you have a cancer, because cancer treatment is very expensive and often takes a long time. Over the time, the treatment can become a financial catastrophe for both the patient and their family.

While some people do have insurance that help them to co-pay the bills, the treatment of cancer is pretty extensive and takes a long time, which means that the treatment cost will build up. Therefore, it is wise to learn where to look for help.


Breast Cancer Grants for Patients – The Options

Note that if you are looking for a way to reduce the cost of chemotherapy, we recommend you make a call to the pharmaceutical company of the drug you’re using. Ask your doctor about the drug he or she recommends for you and write it down. Usually, the company provides a compassionate care program that can help you with your chemotherapy.

The first place we recommend to check for help is from the hospital. Go and ask to meet their financial counselors and then consult your case. There may be some hospitals that reduce the cost for you if you are eligible (for example, you have a low income). If the hospital doesn’t provide such help, you can at least get the estimation of the treatment cost. This way you can set a proper strategy.

Alternatively, you can search for breast cancer grants for patients from various other sources. Grants come from local and national organizations, foundations, etc.  Below are some good sources for grants you need:

Cancer Cares – This foundation provides some sort of financial assistance that can help various expenses related to the cancer treatment. To see the eligibility requirements, please visit our reference section for the link. Alternatively, you can call them at 800-813-4673.

Good Charity Fund – This organization provides financial assistance for several type of cancer, and one of them is breast cancer. Their financial assistance program has a limited fund, though. Therefore, the committee will review all the applications. This process is done monthly.

Cleaning for a Reason – If you are trying to find a grant so that you can keep your house clean, you can utilize the Cleaning for a Reason. This nonprofit organization works together with professional maid services to help cleaning the house of a cancer patient. Please call 877-337-3348 or visit their web page at our reference section for more information.

Association of Community Cancer Centers – This organization provides a big database of cancer treatment centers. These centers provide various help for various reasons, including home care, child care, housing, etc.

Other – other notable sources of grants for breast cancer patients are Karen E. Mumford Cancer Foundation (call 216-214-8691), Cancercopay that provide copayment assistance program, JD Breast Cancer Foundation may also provide financial assistance along with other support services (call 216-791-9447), etc.

I hope this information help. There are still many other opportunities for breast cancer grants for patients, don’t give up!


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