How Many Stamps Do I Need For A Large Envelope And International Letter

How many stamps do I need? When you put stamps on envelopes, it is the sign that the content is urgent. It is the emergency-only option to your business matter. In fact, adding metered postage will reduce the delays for the delivery. Therefore, the postage is effectively preventing overpay or underpay. It is the professional way to deliver the envelopes at the right time. Nevertheless, mailing with stamps means that you must determine the weight and the size of the envelopes. The number of stamps also depends on the class of the item you want to mail.

How many stamps do I need? There are two methods when it comes to knowing the number of stamps you should use. First, you can use the postage calculator. Second, you can calculate the postage at the post office. You can spend a little time to decide which one suits your needs after reading this post.


How Many Stamps Do I Need For A Large Envelope

How many stamps do I need to mail a large envelope? Large envelopes are 9 by 12 inch of Manila, lightweight mailers like brochures, and oversized cards. The post office will ship the large envelopes of the first class mail and we call it flats. In January of 2018, the starting price of shipping the scale for flats is at $1 per 1 ounce mailing and the maximum is at $3.52 for the total 13 ounces. You cannot ship a package for more than 13 ounces of weight for the first class mail.

In addition, you can use the regular first-class stamp that is 50 cents. It means that you will need two stamps to ship 1-ounce of a package. Meanwhile, you need 8 standard stamps to ship a package for 13 ounces. If you want to ship a package with the intermediate weights, you must add 21 cents to the $ base charge for each extra ounce.

How many stamps do I need for a small envelope? Talking about the smaller manila envelope, it is 6 inches x 9 inches. It should also meet the size of the standard letter mail. Besides, you can ship it with only one stamp if the weight is not more than 1 ounce. Nevertheless, if you want to ship two to three-ounce letters, you will need two stamps. If the weight is more than three ounces, you have to add the third stamp. Please note that you should choose manila envelopes with no clasps. It is because clasps and other rigid items like pins and medallions will charge you more. You have to pay for the non-machinable surcharge that is 21 cents.

How Many Stamps Do I Need For An International Letter

How many stamps do I need to mail an international letter? When it comes to mail an international letter, let us assume that a 1-ounce letter in the standard envelope and not 1/4-inch thick is $1.15. It does not a matter if you pay in one or several stamps. If you use forever stamp, per stamp is worth for $0.47 and it means you need two forever stamps and extra 21 cents in the postage. Alternatively, the post office also sells International Forever stamps that are $1.15 and it is valid for one ounce of a package.

In addition, the base international postage for a 1-ounce letter to any country is $1.15. Nevertheless, if your package is heavier, then they may apply different rates for different countries. If you want to know that you put the right postage on the international letter, you can check it here and select the country. After that, answer all the questions and they will calculate the cost for you.

Things To Do To Use The Postage Calculator

1. Use a forever stamp

You can use a Forever stamp to deal with the common standard mail items. How many stamps do I need? In fact, a piece of Forever stamp is enough to mail a commercial envelope in size of 29 cm x 12 cm with the weight about 1 ounce or less. Nevertheless, the larger the item you want to send will need more postage. Here, you can use a postage calculator to help you more.

At the beginning of this year, the cost of the single Forever stamp is $0.50. Interestingly, Forever stamps are the solution to mail letters, paper items, and greeting cards. In addition, it is possible to send the standard commercial enveloped outside of the US. However, you should use a Global Forever stamp that costs $1.15 per piece.

2. Measure the packages; the length and the width

Besides, it is important to measure the packages or envelopes, especially if these are larger than the standard. You will need a ruler to measure the length and the width of the package. Alternatively, you can use a measuring tape. You can determine the cost of the postage after finding the overall size of the package. When you measure the packages, make sure that you follow the instruction from the postage calculator. It is also important to note that stamps usually are not for the large packages. We need to ship the large packages through the post office, not the mail.

3. Weigh the package

You should also find the weight of the package such as gifts, photos, or others. You will need a scale sensitive to know the weight in grams or ounces. Commonly, a digital bathroom scale can handle heavier package. Meanwhile, ordinary kitchen scales are enough for small parcels and envelopes. When you want to calculate the postage cost, most postage calculators required you to round up the weight of your package. You can bring your package to the post office to a scale, as well.

4. Identify the class of the package you want to mail

In fact, there are three standard mail classes to choose, which are Ground, Priority, and First Class. If you want to know the best class that suits your needs, you have to consider the weight of the package and the period to send the package so it arrives at the destination.

Talking about Ground Mail or “standard shipping”, the package will arrive in just two to eight business days. You can choose Ground Mail to send a large package at once. It is also useful to handle oversized packages. Ground Mail suits your needs if you want to save your money, especially to send a package that is not too urgent.

Meanwhile, Priority Mail means that the post office can guarantee the delivery of the package will arrive at the destination area within 1-3 days. It is interesting that large items are more affordable. You can choose to mail the package in the flat rate envelope so that you have fixed rate, not weight (70 pounds).

On the other hand, you can choose First Class mail that can go within 1 to 3 days, but for the limited item. The weight of the item should not more than 13 ounces. Otherwise, you have to deal with the extra postage.

5. Enter the item’s information into the postage price calculator

Asides of the size, the weight, and the class of the package, you have to enter the destination, the postal code of the destination area, your postal code, and the time or the date of the delivery. Once you submitted the item information, you will see the mailing cost. How many stamps do I need? Here, you can use the information to know the number of stamps you will need.

If you live in the US, the government provides the United States Postal Service’s or USPS. It is an online postage price calculator. What you must do is to put the package’s information to make sure that you can pay the postage cost accurately.

 6. Divide the postage price by the price of the Forever stamp

For example, your postage cost appears $2.32. It means that you have to divide 2.32 by 0.50 so you will get 4.64. How many stamps do I need? As a result, you must include five Forever stamps on your package. In addition, it is important to round up to have enough postage. It would be impossible to use the fraction of a stamp. Another way to do is to purchase the special stamps you can use to make the difference of the extra postage. Commonly, the extra postage stamps are available in the smaller values, such as 1 to 10 cents.

7. Apply the stamps

Here, you should peel the back off the stamp and then press it onto the package. It is better to place them in the upper area, on the right-hand corner. Alternatively, put it elsewhere that is visible for the mail handler. Besides, it is good to arrange the multiple stamps in a single or double row to make sure that they will not overlap. If you cannot apply the stamps properly, just bring the stamps and let the post office staffs help you.

8. Take overstuffed envelopes to the post office

If you have to deal with overstuffed envelopes and also the large item to delivery, and other things with the weight more than 13 ounces, bring it to the post office. You cannot mail the package through the residential mailbox. After that, their employees will process your package.

Eventually, the employee can help to calculate the cost of the postage. They even sell the stamps at their office. Some areas also provide a postal service, in which they offer to print out the shipping label. Other than that, they even schedule the pickup from your home if you cannot go to the post office.

Things To Do To Calculate The Postage At The Post Office

1. Bring the package to the post office

It is important to make sure if the flap holding of your package closed is safe. You want the package has a clear address and information that should not confuse the employees. Avoid any old shipping labels. Other than that, you should not add unnecessary writing. In addition, you can save your time by taking care of the stuff, sealing, and addressing the item before you go to the post office. It does not a big deal if you are low on supplies. In fact, the post office also sells some mail accessories such as mailers, stamps, and envelopes.

2. Measure the weight of your package

You can ask the employees to help you check the weight of the package so you can calculate the correct postage. The employees will help you by placing your package on the scale. After that, they will give you the cost information.

It is important to know that the mail clerk may need some more information. For example, they may ask you for the postal code, where the item is going to head, and the class of the package you want to choose. Here, you can take the Priority Mail if you want the package arrives faster. Alternatively, you can choose First Class mail that is less expensive. The First Class is only for a package with the weight 13 ounces maximum.

3. Apply the number of stamps to your package

Affix the stamps to your package and after that, hand it over the postal employee. You can pay for the postage cash by giving it to the clerk and he will print out the shipping cost and label your package. It is also important for you to know that it is cheaper to bring stamps from home than pay for the postage separately. It does not a matter if you are not sure to convert the postage price to the number of stamps. You can ask the postal employee to assist you.

Things To Consider Before Mailing

Asides of the size, the weight limitations and how many stamps do I need, the USPS also informs that your letter mail must be flat mail flexible and machinable. If you want to mail photos in a letter envelope and you add the ‘Do not bend’ sticker, you must pay for the non-machinable surcharge. In addition, when you add the piece of rigid cardboard to a flat so you want to keep photos from bending, of course, it will move the envelope to another category. The post staff will categorize it as the USPS first class parcel that will also increase the charge again. You can use the USPS shipping calculator to calculate the right postage on the first class envelope or package.

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