How Charitable Trusts and Non-Profit Organizations Can Help You with Moving Expenses

Moving or relocation is a stressful task; it can be a financial burden as well as a logistical problem for low-income families. If you are unable to pay the additional expenditures for packaging, moving, transportation and others, the stress of the bills can give a shock to senses. No matter how overwhelming relocation could be for renters and homeowners, but handling the moving expenses can be a lesson for a lifetime.

Low-income families or individuals are facilitated with many government grants and benefits. Seeing this many charitable trusts and non-profit organizations are coming front to help with grants for moving expenses. Top financial moving assistance programs for low-income families and individuals are employer-based relocation aid program, Federal assistance for homeowners, HUD, Housing Industry Foundation’s housing emergency fund, TANF, Emergency Solution Grant and many more. You can know about nine effective ways to get grants for moving expenses.

If you are still finding it difficult to raise enough funds for housing and moving for you immediate relocation probably due to the financial crisis, logistics, family challenges or other commitment, you may access free grants from a charitable trust. Let’s know how non-profit making groups and trust can help with moving expenses.

grants for moving expenses

Financial Assistance from Non-profit Groups and Charitable Trust

Unlike other grants for poor and needy ones, many faith-based organizations around you offer moving and relocation grants. The aim is to provide you with the needed capital required for finding your new home, cost of getting moving boxes, and other related materials to packaging and hiring a moving company or moving truck, in case you have decided to do it on yourself. Smaller local organizations come forward to help with storage, physical and temporary housing,

Non-profit organizations work deliberately to improve the life and living of mankind. They collect funds to help the poor and destitute at the local, national and international level. Like many not-for-profit groups provide checks to help with medical bills, rent, accommodation, utilities and more. They mostly stock food for donation purpose, with which they offer support in financial crisis and natural disaster affected families looking for housing grants for moving expenses.

What are the types of non- financial assistance from charitable organizations?

  • Faith-based support programs – This type of religious programs are conducted in nearby church or camps for restoring faith in hard times.
  • Free Assistance for homeless youths – Many organizations run special assistance program for young who find difficulties to adjust with the adult They provide free housing facilities, grants for moving expenses and emotional support.
  • Non-profit groups for youths – There are groups of young and adults who work on raising funds and collecting canned goods. The church utilize the money to help the
  • College groups – Many college students join hands with a voluntary organization to help with moving and packaging of goods. Take for example the Campus Crusaders; they are young people who work with the logistics of your goods.
  • Meals on wheels – The not-for-profit groups provide door-to-door food facility on meals on wheels program.
  • Shelter – A temporary housing is availed by an organization for people until they aren’t capable of managing housing and rents.

Do Non-profit trusts ask for reimbursement?

As far as known, these organizations are free and accessible to the needy person. However, not all of these groups are same. There are churches and organizations that ask for service as reimbursement in return. So, you need to have complete information about their housing and moving grant. Have a clear conversation with the team, what they expect, is there any reimbursement or anything in between. If you already know what it will cost to relocate and the cost for reimbursement, then you can enjoy the maximum benefit from the grants.

Who can qualify for Free Moving and Housing Grants?

The non-profit making and charitable organization offer grants for moving expenses for needy ones. Anyone who has recently faced a major catastrophe in life or unable to pay the moving expenses can reach out for help. If you think you will lose your home due to the financial crisis or unable to pay your rent, then free housing and rental grants can be a big help. Or, if you are unable to pay your medical bills, electricity bills, and you are struggling to manage to get with the expenses, call out for help near you. The local charitable institution will immediately come to you and help. You can get financial aid for your relocation in different ways, know about them from here.

Is there a special category or nomination?

Charitable grants are mostly free and open to all. You can reach out to the nearest trust or non-profit making groups to find physical and financial help in times of misfortune. You can also reach out to them if you are not interested in government funds and assistance programs such as welfare or WIC.

Most non-profit organizations provide help to people

  • Low-income and no shelter
  • Children, aged, widow and elderly
  • Physically challenged or educationally impaired
  • Waiting for insurance benefits, after a natural disaster hits their life and property
  • Young homeless individuals

How to connect with charitable trust and non-profitable organizations?

Most of these groups and organizations have created their websites on the internet. You can go for their services, timing, appointments, and community outreach from the website. Check for the contact us page, upload your details and send it to the group. Explain your situation directly to the heads and ask for grants for moving expenses. If you cannot have internet, check for the local library. If you cannot connect through emails, call them from the phone number provided. Don’t get discouraged, if you cannot find an ideal one. Search for more help and suggestions from other charitable trust and non-profitable group near you.

Bottom Line

A number of charitable trust and non-profit organizations are there to help you. State Welfare agencies, Safe Shelters, Salvation Army, are a few of them. If you need grants for moving expenses, then contact any of them.

Moving can be an expensive affair, but it can be exciting if done in the right way. Find the solution to cover the relocation expenses, quickly and easily!