Grants for Teachers in Primary and Secondary Schools

Grants for Teachers – Although most people believe that education grants are only available for college-level education, but the truth is almost any education level have the opportunity to get financial aid. However, in earlier school the grants are usually available only for the teacher or for specific school programs.

Today we will bring you the complete list of grants for primary and secondary school teachers, available from various sources across the United States. Below are some of them:


List of Grants for Teachers for Primary and Secondary Schools

  • Fund for Teachers

Fund for Teachers started by Raymond Planks. It was started as a pilot project back in Minneapolis, but now the organization has grown to a large organization that provides grants for educators across the United States. This grant is available for teachers who need financial resources to fund their self-designed learning experiences for students and school communities. For more information about the FFT grant and its eligibility, visit our reference section below this post.

  • Kids in Need

If you are a teacher with lots of creative and innovative ideas for your class’ learning experiences, you may be eligible for the Kids in Need grant. Provided by the Kids in Need Foundation, the grant can be used by K-12 teachers to support their innovative teaching methods. The deadline for the grant is on October. For more information and questions, you can go to the official site URL provided in the reference section.

  • Teachers Count

The Teachers Count specifically provides grants for teachers in any level of education. This nonprofit organization focuses on increasing the appreciation for this profession. The grant can be used for various purposes, including classroom projects in many studies, certification, technology, and other professional development purposes.

  • Philanthropic Ventures Foundation (PVF)

The PVF is the source for Teacher Resource Grants, available for limited numbers of teachers. From the time it was first introduced, there have been more than 7,000 grants have been distributed to teachers across United States. This  grant is to be used for educational purposes, including school projects, field trips or classroom materials. To apply, you just have to fax the PVF your one page application request. More information can be found in the source link.

  • National Education Association (NEA) Foundation

The NEA foundation is one of the associations that provide possible grants for primary and secondary school teachers. The grant is used to support innovative approach offered by a teacher or a team of teachers for improved learning experience for the students. Currently the foundation has spread out more than 6 million dollars in this program.


Although this is not exactly a grant, is an excellent way to raise some money for your school project. Here’s how it works: teachers post classroom project requests (with brief explanation and details of the funding goal etc) to the official site of Donors choose. The donors will choose which project to donate. After the donation has reached the funding goals, the site then will send the money to the school. Donators will receive updates about the projects, along with several thank you letter from the teachers (and quite possibly the students too).

As you can see, there are many grants for teachers to choose from. All of the grants we mentioned above is just a small portion of the financial aid opportunities. Search around and you’ll find more.


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