Government Business Grants: Steps to Apply

Government Business Grants are like a genie for most of people. There are a lot of people talks about it but somehow we don’t have enough information to believe that it is really real. Some people might even committing semi-fraud using the name of Government Business Grants. They require you to buy expensive program from them with the prize of Government Business Grants. In a few cases they might help you get the grants, but more often than not you will come home empty handed.

There is some information that you have to know before you decide to use those kinds of programs. First, the government does not likely to give many Government Business Grants for businesses of any size. Most of Government Business Grants are provided for business that is registered to a nonprofit organization. Some other Government Business Grants are provided for established businesses that serve the community, such as manufacturers and health care facilities.


How to Apply Government Business Grants

After you familiar with the aforementioned information, here we provide some step to help you apply for the Government Business Grants that your business may be qualified to receive:

  • Before you request any government business grants, the first thing to do is to identify your own business. Create an excellent business plan; identify the business cost, the profit margins, startup capital as well as how far you think the business will develop.  This is important because the clearer the plan then the bigger the chance you can obtain the government business grants.
  • The next step is to look for grants. You can do this by browsing into The U.S. Small Business Administration website. There you can get a free tool to search for grants, loans and other types of financing for both for-profit and nonprofit companies.  You can also visit for more grants.
  • After you find out some grants than the next step to do is to check your eligibility. Government Business Grants had three types: federal, state and local. Big money is offered at the federal level but please notice that it is almost impossible for any for-profit business to receive. Meanwhile the government business grants provided by the local and state government are mostly provided for business that advantage employees or the community, not for starting or expanding a business.
  • Pay attention closely to the registration process; don’t miss any details of it. Some government business grant programs have you to register first with their department if you want to be eligible for any of their grant. You also have to register first before you apply for a federal grant. You can also download a checklist to help prepare for the registration and application processes at
  • Check and re-check. Take a time to review your grant application. Makes sure there are no misspelled words or grammar issues because it can lose you the grant.
  • After going through the steps then you are ready to submit the Government Business Grants application. Note that you can apply several grants at a time, so apply for more than one grant will improve your chance on actually getting it.

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