Government Grants for Truck Driving School

Are you looking for grants for truck driving school? These days any education is expensive, but there are always options for those who are willing to work hard. If you can’t spare three thousand dollars or more for a truck driving school, consider using grants to fund your education.

There are several sources for this kind of grant, but the first source you should consider is the Federal and state grants. There are grant programs that give you funding (or free training) that benefit people who have just been laid off and can’t return to the industry.

People who lost their jobs because of injury may be eligible for a training grant coming from the local rehabilitation office. Because each state has a different policy, you can ask the office directly to learn more about this possibility, including the amount and type of the grant, eligibility, etc.


Grants and Scholarships for Truck Driving School

Grants for Truck Driving School Opportunity

There’s a training grant is provided based on the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) which you can use to fund your truck driving school or training. To learn more about this opportunity you should contact your local or state’s job office center. It is important to note that the grant is based on first come first served basis, so you need to act as fast as possible and submit the application as soon as you can. Visit our reference page to see more about this grant, including the requirements and the eligibility.

The Trade Adjustment Assistance is yet another government program that gives almost similar help compared to the WIA dislocated worker grant. The difference between these two grants is the receiver. The WIA grant is given to people who have been dislocated (lost their job and cannot return to the industry), while the TAA grant is given for unemployed people caused by foreign trading or competition.

Those three grants for truck driving school we mentioned above should be your first choice when you’re looking for a way to fund your CDL training from the driving school. If you did not qualify for the grants mentioned above, don’t worry. There is still another option that you can try.

That option would be company contract training. In short, you can get a free or cheap CDL training with strings attached. This attachment comes in the form of contract that states that you agree to work for their company for one year or more. While this sounds like a great plan, you may want to consider several things before you sign the contract. Below are some of the common facts about the contract CDL training:

  • Failure in fulfilling this contract means that you have to pay back the company for the tuition.
  • The tuition listed in the contract may be much higher than the normal tuition fee for CDL training
  • There may be some details that gives the company extra advantages over you.

In short, there are two things you HAVE to do if you have set your mind in getting this company-sponsored CDL training. You have to make sure that you understand every bit of details of the contract offered, and make sure that you fulfill your responsibility to avoid getting yourself in a debt.

So, are you ready to get those grants for truck driving school?

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