Government Grants for Massage Therapy School

Are you looking for grants for massage therapy school? As you know, most of the financial aid available in the United States is available for general education. Most of the financial aids are indeed awarded to students from these general disciplines; however, there are still some other options for people who are taking a unique education.

Most of the career-specific degrees offer associate, certificate, or diploma degrees. The education lasts around one to two years, depending on which school you attend. Specific or specialized disciplines often get special attention from industry associations, and this time around we’re talking about several opportunities that you can try.


Grants for Massage Therapy School Opportunities

Massage Therapy Foundation

There’s a research grant program coming from this foundation. The students who are enrolling in studies that are related to and advancing the application of massage therapy may be eligible. The grant award varies greatly, from $1,000 to a hefty $30,000. We recommend you to apply if you need funding for your projects related to the massage therapy.

The International Spa Association Foundation (ISPA Foundation)

This foundation initiated the Mary Tabacchi Scholarship, which is aimed for students of Spa Management degree. This may not be a massage therapy grant, but since it is a related one we decided to put this on our list. This scholarship offers $2,500 annually for each of the awardees. However, you are only eligible after one year of education.

The American Massage Therapy Foundation

Again, this one is not a grant, but scholarship. That said it’s free money nonetheless. The AMTA Foundation is currently offering one scholarship worth $5,000 each year. To be included in the scholarship, you just have to apply online and complete a short essay (with just one or two paragraphs) about your reasons wanting to be a massage therapist and your plans for the future after you graduate.

School-based Scholarship

This Cortiva Institute may not provide a grant, but they do have scholarship program for students of massage therapy education. However, this scholarship is a school-specific scholarship, available only for students enrolled in this institute. Each year, as much as 20 students receive $1,000 scholarships. The Cortiva Institute is not the only school-based scholarships in U.S.

There are several other massage therapy schools offering scholarships and grants for their students. For example, the Lane Community College has $250 scholarships available for students from various disciplines, including massage therapy. Meanwhile, the Myotherapy Institute is the one that participates in the Federal government-based financial aid such as the Pell Grant. Therefore, if you are from a low-income family we highly recommend you to apply. They also have other scholarships or grants coming from private businesses. Last but not least, the Northwestern Health Sciences University offers several scholarship programs available for the students learning massage therapy or chiropractic.

So as you can see, there are several financial aids available if you are a massage therapy student. However, most are in the form of scholarships. Scholarships are quite similar with grants, but it is in general, merit-based instead of need-based. But don’t worry, the GPA required are not that high. Therefore if you are looking for grants for massage therapy school, you should also consider some scholarships.


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