Google Grants Application – Know How

Up to $10,000 per month in free AdWords marketing available for the non-profit purpose from Google grant application. According to, today there are already more than 4,000 receivers of this Google grant. Moreover, once you are eligible for this Google grants you may also apply for a bigger grant up to approximately $40,000 per month if you are able to consistently reach the $10,000 per month cap.

So how this Google grant application works? Well, this article will give you the much-needed information about the Google grant from the eligibility criteria to apply for the grant, the basic requirement to step by step instruction to apply for the grant.

Google Grants for Nonprofits

Google Grants for Nonprofits

First, let’s talk about the eligibility. To be able to apply for the grant, according to Google the interested party must be included in these criteria:

  • Nonprofits Agencies within the United States with current 501.c.3. status with the IRS
  • The Agencies must include on the IRS form 990 tax return less than 50% earned income.
  • The earned income also has to be listed in the tax return as “Program Service Revenue,” such as government contract, admission to an art museum or tuition by tuition.

If you are eligible for the grant the next step is to know the basic requirement for it to work, such as:

  • Own a website for ads to link to
  • On the website, there are no ads with the purpose to generate revenue such as Google Adsense.
  • Able to manage the campaign regularly. For this purpose you have to understand the Google guidelines and the Google Adwords
  • Choose keywords and ads that are accurate, relevant and timely as well as have maximum $1 per click.

After you fulfill the basic requirement for Google grant application now let’s talk about the step by step instruction to apply for the grant. Here are the steps as informed by Google, the and

      1. Visit the Google Grants website and see if there is any updated information about Google grant application.
      2. Fill in the online application form for the grant
      3. Prepare beforehand some sample keywords, ad copy, as well as a short statement that mention the benefit gained by your nonprofit’s participation in the Google Grants program. In the application you will be asked for it. It is worth to note that this section will likely be the most important factor to decide the acceptance in the program so spend a hefty time to get the most relevant and accurate keywords and ads.
      4. After completing the Google Grant Application form, submit it online to be reviewed by the Google Grants committee. They will decide whether you will get the grant or not by assessing your eligibility and reviewing your website and your nonprofit purpose.
    1. Wait for the decision that will be delivered by email. According to the decision will be sent in about four month or less. Wait patiently and hope that your nonprofits will be awarded the Google Grants.
Google Grants Application Process

Google Grants Application Process


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