How to Get Hispanic Minority Grants

Everybody wants to live the American dream, including the ethnic minority such as Hispanic in the heterogenic society of the US. To accommodate the desire there is Hispanic minority grants and another small business grant for minorities. Having a good business plan is one thing but not having the fund to kick-start your business can ruin your dream of having a decent business. Therefore you should consider looking for the minority grant as a very great solution for the problem as we know that the government allocated millions of dollar annually for these kinds of grants. It is certainly not going to be easy, there is a lot of competition and patience are really needed because the grant-hunting process can be really long and tiring. However, one thing we can say that all the effort and time you spend will be worth it once you get the grant.


Here are the steps to get the minority grant for small business:

  1. Online research: The very first thing you do when you are looking for a grant is to do some online research. You can use variety of search engine in the internet such as Google, Yahoo, or MSN but be sure to filter the result through because the internet will spit on literally millions of search result. You also have to beware on the scam among the websites that offer you information. Makes sure you don’t give any money or personal and financial information through a website because it is likely to be a scam. Legitimate information usually come free like what you can find in this website: that’s is the address for official Small Business Administration’s website that provide information in relation to small business grant. You can search through the website for Hispanic minority grants by using the filtering tools to find a specific grant.
  2. In the you can also find a direct link for “contact” of the potential funder to get more information about the grant. You might also find the application to apply for the grant right away.
  3. Complete grant application. Once you found a grant or more that suit you and your business the next step will be to complete the application and submit it to the funder. There are some points that usually asked for the application:
  • Proof or information of your household income
  • Identity information, confirming that you’re in fact a minority
  • Business plan: information regarding to your business
  • Any past grant received
  • Business’ operating cost
  • And so on.

Be honest and careful when completing the application; review it before finally submitting it.

  1. Applying for more grants: there no limitation on how many grant you can apply so apply for as many grants you can to increase the chance of getting selected for one of them. You can more information about grant at, government’s official website for government’s grants.

Be patient and relentless: The process can be long and tiring and you might get rejected for one or two first grant application. Don’t give up, because maybe the next is yours.


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