Financial Help for People With Depression

Financial Help for People With Depression – People with depression often have to rely on the financial assistance for depressed people because they have severe symptoms of this condition. Did you know that depression is one of the leading causes of disability in the United States? Numerous expenses have to be dealt with in regards to this condition. For example treatment costs, living space costs, and basic need costs such as household bills and food.


Financial Help for People With Depression Treatment

Financial Help

When depression has become so severe that it prevents you from getting back to work, it can be considered as a disability. There’s a financial assistance available for these people from the government, which comes in the form of the monthly allowance from Social Security Administration. However, it is important to know that this program doesn’t provide salary. It’s a temporary financial help.

Drug Assistance

People living with depression often requires some sort of medicine to keep their mood in check. There are various drug support programs that can help you with this. Although this is not a direct financial assistance, it’s a great alternative to save some money. The drugs are available in low cost or even for free. The Partnership for Prescription Drug Assistance is one of the organizations that can help you with that. Contact them and explain your condition, and they may be ready to help. You can also contact the company that produces the medication you need. Eligible people will be given the depression drugs for free or low cost. You need to have a confirmed depression first, shown in your medical record.

How to Cover the Treatment Cost

The depression medical care can be extremely expensive; hence there are many people reluctant to get these treatments since they have to fulfill their family’s daily ends meet first. Luckily, there is some help available for this people.

Typically you cannot rely on a regular health insurance because most of the health insurance plans don’t include mental health condition in their policy. There are some that do cover them, but it’s only for minimal amount of days. If you’re coming from a low-income family, there’s the Medicaid program that can help covering the treatment cost of depression. Please talk to your local Department of Health and Human Service to get an appointment with a social worker. Explain your condition and she or he should be able to assist you with your Medicaid entitlement application. Typically people receiving the Medicaid assistance are the ones with low income and are on the list of people receiving the Supplemental Security Income.

There’s also the National Counsel for Community Behavioral Healthcare that provide good information about the available opportunities for outpatient care for depression, along with financial help opportunities available in your local area. What’s more, you can also contact the treatment center in your region and explain your condition. Usually, they are willing to provide a sliding scale for people from low-income families.

I think that is all for now. Aside of this program, there are other ways to save some money when you’re too depressed to get a job. During your treatment, there is housing assistance from HUD, etc. I hope this post provide you with good information about financial help for those with depression!


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