Financial Help for Moving Expenses for The Disabled

As you know, being disabled often means that you’re short on money. Hence, when they have to relocate these people often have no money to cover the cost. Is there any Financial Help for Moving Expenses for The Disabled?

There are various types of financial help, ranging from low-interest loan to grants that don’t have to be repaid. Most people desperately look for a grant because you are free from the responsibility to repay after the money is received. Unfortunately, we believe that there’s no specific grant provided for the purpose of relocation, even for the disabled and families with low income.


Financial Help for Moving Expenses for The Disabled Costs

There are, however, other grants that are aimed to help the disabled to have a decent life. For example:

Social Security Administration (SSA)

The SSA provide the SSI or SSDI that provide a monthly stipend for disabled people who cannot find jobs. The money can only support basic needs, though. That said, the disabled who hasn’t applied for the SSDI benefit should do it because it is one of the ways for you to reduce your expenses; hence allowing you to save more money for relocating.

HUD Housing Vouchers

While it is true that HUD Housing Voucher is an excellent program that can help the disabled to have their own home; you may want to reconsider your relocation especially if you do it to get a better house in other regions. There are several problems that may occur, but in short if you’re moving out to get the better out of your voucher, we cannot recommend the relocation at all.

Where can I find Financial Assistance for Moving Expenses?

Since the Federal government assistance is not available, the best bet would be searching for an additional fund from other sources. Some of your possible opportunity are:

  1. State agency

Typically, there is an agency in every state that provides help for the disabled. There’s a chance that financial assistance program available for moving cost for the disabled, although the policy differs from state to state. Typically the program is called general living assistance, which money is usually used for home renovation. However, the money can also be used for other purposes including relocation. Contact your state’s Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Social Services or the United Way 211 hotline for information about this opportunity.

  1. Religious organization

A religious organization such as church may be able to help. Contact your your religious organization and explain your situation. Although they often help in the name of charity, you still need to provide some proof of your disability, monthly income, and solid reason why you HAVE to move out of your home. If you can convince them, they will likely to help

  1. Foundations and non-profit organizations

Last but not least, you can search help from foundations, nonprofit organizations or charity organizations. One good example of such organization is the ModestNeed. On their website, they have given assistance for various purposes, and giving financial aid for moving cost for the disabled might be one of them.