Financial Assistance for IVF

Before you sacrifice your retirement funds or use a credit card for the IVF treatment, you should consider if you are eligible for financial assistance for IVF. Infertility is like a nightmare for women, for the obvious reason. Having a child from your own blood is something most people take for granted. The inability to become a biological mother can be quite devastating. Therefore, many women seek for IVF treatment but many were stunned by the cost.

The average cost of IVF for one cycle is more than $12,000. However, that doesn’t guarantee your pregnancy. There are some who have to undergone two or three cycles of IVF treatment until they successfully pregnant with their child. So you see, that can cost A LOT of money. Luckily there are several financial assistance options available for women diagnosed with infertility. Before applying for the grant, it would be helpful if you can prepare the commonly necessary documents below beforehand:

  • Diagnosis and medical record from the doctor
  • Tax forms or other financial statements to proof your income
  • Proof of legal marriage

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List of Financial Assistance for IVF Sources:

BabyQuest Foundation

This nonprofit organization supports those who are diagnosed with infertility and wish to undergone a treatment to cope with the problem. Therefore, they are not only support IVF treatment, the foundation also focuses on other alternatives, including egg donation, surrogacy, and IUI. To be eligible, you need to submit your medical records and financial statement. There are three cycles of the program in each year. The deadlines are on March 15, July 15 and November 15.

The Angels of Hope Foundation

The Creating Miracles Grant is one of the Angels of Hope Foundation’s efforts to help promoting a healthy family. Located in the Illinois state, the program can help uninsured, low-income people with no children to cope with the cost of the treatment. The program is released twice a year, with the deadlines at the March 31 and August 31.

The Cade Foundation

This foundation has been helping people struggling with infertility since more than 10 years ago.  The amount of money given from this grant is up to $10,000, which can be used for IVF or other fertility treatment cost. There’s a $50 of processing fee, and you also need to provide a documented infertility and have a social security number. The deadline for this program is on June 15.

Fertile Dreams Organization

The sources we mentioned above are meant for low-income families that don’t have insurance. However, the Fertile Dreams Organization is focused on providing help for families that are insured but the insurance plan doesn’t cover fertility treatment. The amount of financial assistance for the IVF procedure from this organization is up to $10,000. The organization’s headquarter is located in Florida, but couples from across the country can apply for this program.

There you go. I really hope that you can get the financial assistance needed for the IVF you need. We’ve also listed several additional sources you can use in our reference section.


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